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Bob from Blackadder 2 makes a surprise return in the final episode of Upstart Crow

Gabrielle Glaister reprises her role as the cross-dressing Bob in the sixth episode of the Ben Elton-scripted William Shakespeare comedy

Published: Monday, 13th June 2016 at 9:29 pm

Fans of Blackadder were in for a delightful surprise in tonight's final episode of Ben Elton's Shakespeare comedy Upstart Crow.


Bob was back.

The old favourite from the 1986 Blackadder made a surprise return as Judge Robert, who was overseeing the court case at the end of the episode.

In the Merchant of Venice-inspired story, an action brought by Robert Greene (Mark Heap) saw David Mitchell's Will in financial trouble and facing a ruinous court case.

But Gemma Whelan's Kate saw through the disguise and saved the day. Judge Robert was a woman and she had to find in Will's favour to avoid exposure:


Remember Kate – AKA Bob – who first appeared in the Blackadder 2 opening episode "Bells" thirty years ago?


Fans will also be pleased to learn that the comedy is returning next year for six more episodes and a Christmas special.


Upstart Crow returns to BBC2 next year


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