Blink and you’ll miss it! Watch the trailer for The Simpsons 3D mini-movie

Take twelve seconds out of your day to sample The Longest Daycare

Movie studios are often lambasted these days for pumping out far too much footage from their films in online clips or teasers before release date. Not so for Twentieth Century Fox however, whose trailer for the upcoming Simpsons 3D short The Longest Daycare clocks in at an attention-straining 12 seconds.


And the first four of those are taken up by an MPAA card.

Nevertheless, the clip gives us a few glimpses of what will be a Maggie-centric four and a half minute romp set in Springfield’s Ayn Rand School for Tots and, if nothing else, showcases some gorgeous-looking animation:

The Longest Daycare itself is to act as the Looney Tunes-style warm-up for Ice Age: Continental Drift when that film is released in the States on Friday 13 July.

Plot details for the short are relatively scarce, but it’s understood that The Longest Daycare will see Maggie having to overcome various scrapes in the pre-school’s roughest wing and endure a confrontation with That Creepy Baby With The Unibrow who pops up every now and then in the Simpsons.


Sounds like fun, eh? Sadly there’s currently no UK release date for the short, but it’s apparently already been released in Australia, Sweden and Finland so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for it to reach these shores…