BBC3 comedy Witless to return for a third series

The witness protection comedy starring Kerry Howard and Zoe Boyle will be back to tie up Leanne and Rhona's story


When we left BBC3’s witness protection comedy Witless at the end of series two, it was on a massive cliffhanger. Three of them, in fact.


Zoe Boyle’s Rhona was trapped in a wardrobe in the house of gang boss Willy Whelan, and about to be discovered by one of his henchmen, Kerry Howard’s Leanne was face to face with the psychotic teen known as Quavers (or DJ Sound as F***, depending on who you talk to) and Leanne’s sort-of-boyfriend Patrick (Samuel Anderson) was being driven away by Willy and his men after they’d discovered he had betrayed them.

Leaving fans dangling like that would just have been cruel, so they’ll be pleased to know that Witless will be returning for a third run.

“Beyond thrilled that Witless has a third series!” said Kerry Howard. “It’s so wonderful to be a part of such a talented team on this dynamic show. I thought I could second guess our writers but I literally don’t have a clue where they will take the troublesome double act that is Leanne and Rhona, I just pray they don’t kill us off! It’s amazing to get a hattrick and I’m so grateful to BBC3 for putting their faith in this show and letting us grow.”

BBC comedy boss Shane Allen called Witless “the dream BBC3 sitcom – a whip smart concept, knockout funny writing, the dream double-act in Kerry and Zoe, a cast that launches new talents in a big way and highly ambitious direction. It’s got the lot.”

It does look as if series three will be the last we’ll see of hapless duo Leanne and Rhona, though, with Ben Farrell of production company Objective Fiction saying “We’re delighted and grateful [to have] the opportunity to tell the whole Witless story… we hope the audience enjoy the exciting, rollercoaster end…”, and Allen adding “Here’s to going out on an adrenaline high.”

Whether or not that means a happy ending for Leanne and Rhona is another matter, though – “whether they make it out unscathed remains to be seen” said the BBC.


Series one and two of Witless are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now