BBC3 announces Making a Murderer and Serial parody “Sexy Murder”

The true-crime documentary backlash has begun


If you devoured every twist and turn of the Adnan Syed case, binge-watched the travails of Stephen Avery in a day and learned everything there was to know about Robert Durst, then BBC3 might just have the show for you – a comedy parody based on true-life murder documentaries like Serial, making a Murderer and The Jinx.


Called Sexy Murder, the six-part series sees The Mighty Boosh’s Rich Fulcher star as “Televisionary” and “Truth Crusader” Christoph Spinelli, who comes to the UK to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a woman called Polly Worcester, as well as the Tom Jessop, the man suspected of her disappearance.

Unfortunately for Tom, however, Spinelli (who looks rather like Making a Murderer’s fan-favourite lawyer Dean Strang in the above picture) is keener to “speculate to the point of insanity” than actually find the truth, in an attempt to make a story out of “absolutely nothing”.

The series also stars Nick Mohammed, Lolly Adefope, Shaun Williamson and Maggie O’Neill among others, and was created by the team behind fan-favourite comedy Top Coppers.

Speaking about the series, Ash Atalla (who helped make the series for production company Roughcut TV) said: “It’s brilliant and silly and is a way of comedically reflecting the shows everyone is talking about.”

Star Rich Fulcher added succinctly: “This show is so sexy that I want to have sex with it.”


Sexy Murder will be available on BBC3 online from Monday 31st October