Barry Cryer: “the BBC is under siege”

The comedian and writer has said he's concerned about the future of the Corporation and urged Britain "to preserve it because it's ours"

Barry Cryer has said that the BBC is “under siege at the moment” and that Britain “needs to preserve” the service.


When asked at the Radio Times Festival about how he’d like the Corporation to evolve over the next decade, the legendary comedian and writer replied, “I’d like it to survive for a start because it’s ours.”

The I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue panelist’s answer was met with a huge applause from the audience at the event chaired by Robert Peston and Eddie Mair. Addressing the  negotiations over future licence fee funding and the general scope of the service, Cryer said he was “worried” about its future.

“The BBC is under siege at the moment, yes through rather a lot of self inflicted wounds but they’re getting support from abroad and from other countries  but it’s ours. 


“If it’s at the mercy of the politicians, God help us. We’ve got to hold on to it because it’s public service broadcasting. I’m an idealist, we need to preserve it.”

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