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Badults comedian Matthew Crosby on growing up, washing up and the future of BBC3

The Pappy's comedian and star of the BBC3 sitcom talks hot dogs, Netflix and whether he's a good or bad adult... logo
Published: Monday, 2nd June 2014 at 3:26 pm

Along with Ben Clark and Tom Parry, Matthew Crosby makes up one third of comedy act Pappy's - the Edinburgh fringe favourites who are back on BBC3 for a second series of their sitcom Badults. caught up with Matthew to hear all about hot dogs, washing up and BBC3. Here's what he had to say...


Describe Badults (the short version, please!)

Badults is a sitcom about three friends who live in a flat together and get up to very silly adventures. It's quite a big, broad, joke-packed sitcom filmed in front of a live audience.

You started out as comedy act Pappy's. Was the transition from stage to screen harder than you thought it would be?

It took us a little while to get the hang of performing in front of the cameras. You're in a studio and although the audience are there and laughing, you have to almost ignore them. If you start going behind the cameras and playing for the audience, it's useless for the TV show.

So... series two. Is it good to be back?

It feels great. When we found out we were over the moon to get to do it all again. We had so much fun making the first series but we were finding our way whereas this series, we knew what the show was a little bit more.

We've noticed an Emer Kenny-shaped hole this time around. What happened? 

Unfortunately she wasn't available for the second series which is a real shame because she's very talented.

You all live together during filming - do you find yourselves becoming more and more like your characters?

If they made a sitcom of life in our actual flat, it would be pretty weird and boring. Three guys who don't really talk to each other and sit in their rooms watching Netflix. We'd go and have a couple of pints and a hot dog and retire to our rooms because otherwise you'd really live in each other's pockets. We put on a lot of weight and they're not showing the episodes in the order we filmed them so there are going to be certain episodes where you're like, "Oh, right. They got really fat for one episode."

How similar are you to your characters? 

They all come from a starting point and then we ramp up aspects of our personality. I'm not quite as uptight as my character, I hope, anyway. I think my character is how I was at about 23 or 24. I'm still a little bit tightly wound but not quite as bad.

Does life imitate art? Are you a bad adult yourself? 

In some aspects I'm alright. For example, I'm spending this entire weekend tidying my flat. That is very grown-up - it's the first time I've ever done this.

Erm... How messy is your flat?!

It's not that messy. But I always feel proud when I've done the washing up and taken out the recycling. And then I think about what my parents had done by the time they were my age - they had kids and a mortgage and a real job. It's all relative, isn't it?

Do you worry about the future of Badults now there are plans in motion to axe BBC3? 

The more I've heard about it, the more positive I feel. I think initially people thought, "that's it. It's going to be the end of BBC3" which I think would be a crying shame because it's a great channel for breaking new talent. My hope is that iPlayer will adapt so it's a little more "have you seen this? Have you tried this?"

A similar model to Netflix...?

Exactly. I genuinely do sit down and put on Netflix and think, "I've watched these three films. It recommends me another film. I'll watch that," even though I might not have heard of it. I think it's quite a bold move on the BBC's part to embrace the fact that people are watching TV in a different way to how they would have done two or three years ago. I appreciate that the BBC is a business. The cuts need to be made and they've got to come from somewhere. I'm cool with saving the channel but I would sooner it move online than get axed completely.

If you had to describe Badults in three words, what would they be?

Big silly show.


Series two of Badults begins tonight at 10:00pm on BBC3


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