GOB is the oldest of the Bluth family and the dad of Steve Holt – or “STEVE HOLT!”, as he's known by fans. When we meet GOB in Series 1 we immediately learn of his worrying forays in the magic circle, with him being almost entirely disinterested in the family business in favour of his unyielding passion to become a magician. The process of which, never goes exactly swimmingly for GOB, who gets blacklisted from his own magician group.

Despite investing a wealth of pyrotechnics, maverick dance routines and one hit wonders by Europe, GOB eventually finds himself anchored against his will into taking charge of the Bluth company, due to George having mostly zero interest in his son's own aspirations. Despite being the oldest, his figurehead status amongst his siblings is invisible, with Micheal (against his will) absorbing his status entirely.

Due to this lopsided sibling rivalry, GOB is pretty much heavily depressed throughout the series, often trying to disappear off the planet in various ways. But, of course, with his magic skills something to be desired, he almost always fails at this.

Sample quote

Michael: So this is the magic trick, huh?
Gob: Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money...
[sees children watching his magic]
Gob: ...or cocaine!

Sample moment