Arrested Development: Meet Buster Bluth

A quick guide to the Bluth's, erm, special son, played by Tony Hale

Byron, more commonly known as Buster, is the youngest of the Bluth family. Unlike the complacent family blood that runs inside him, he is a lot more ‘go-getting’ than the rest of his siblings, having completed myriad pointless degrees that he endlessly applies for – resulting in him being well-versed in everything from archaeology to sleep deprivation.


Buster’s Peter Pan syndrome doesn’t just extend to his immortal student status, as his relationship between him and Lucille throughout the series gets more than a little bit doe-eyed Norman Bates at times. Lucille herself keeps Buster under wraps, keeping him in her womb for about 11 months, and being a bit iffy about him going out in natural sunlight. When Buster eventually is offered a lease of life to join the army, he constantly tries to escape to get back home to mommy dearest. 

Due to all of this, he is only the tiniest part of a gargantuan socially awkward man-child, and finds terrible things seem to happen to him when he doesn’t stay under the safe glow of his oedipal complex – such as a seal biting off his hand the moment he defies his mother’s whims.

Sample quote

I decided to sleep in the car so my snoring wouldn’t bother you, and I left a tape recording of my snoring so you wouldn’t know I was gone.”


Sample moment