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Arrested Development: 10 of the best of the rest of the cast!

A quick guide to the funniest members of Arrested Development's supporting cast logo
Published: Friday, 17th May 2013 at 9:50 am

It's a testament to Arrested Development's sheer wealth of comic writing that some of the most loved characters are not even the main ones. Instead, the principle cast are backed by an array of reoccuring, supporting characters that drift in and out of the show - delighting as they go.


Here's a selection of the ten best ones to look out for.

Oscar Bluth

Oscar is the twin brother of George Bluth, except with hair, which is a constant source of irritation for both parties. Like most twins, the pair have many spiritual connections – such as loathing the hell out of each other, and having the same taste in people, with George stealing both Oscar's wife and his daughter. Unlike George, Oscar is chronically unstressed in his life, and lives off handouts whilst living in a trailer. He is so laid back, in fact, that he once wrote a song called “All You Need is Smiles”, which he gave to David Cassidy. Despite his carefree lifestyle, George is constantly trying to make sure it is the exact opposite, with the brothers' mutual wanting of Lucille continuously punctuated throughout the series.

Ann Veal

Ann is George Micheal's other romance in the show. Although usually being unrelated to someone tends to be a promising feature in any romance, for Ann this isn't quite the case, as her other half is far more in love with his cousin. As such, Maeby and indeed the rest of the Bluths aren't that enthusiastic about her existence. Insanely religious, Ann has a tendency of being so boring that George Micheal's dad keeps forgetting her name, sometimes chancing at “Her” and “Egg” as alternatives.

Hel-loh Annyong Bluth

Adopted from the Korean Consulate of Child Services, Hel-loh is entirely the product of Lucille and George wanting to look charitable. When he first comes into the show, Hel-loh does not speak any English, instead constantly greeting anyone in his peripherals with “Ann-yong”, or “Hello” in Korean causing natural disdain and frustration throughout the family, in particular Buster, of which Hel-loh and him develop a silent rivalry. As the show goes on, however, Hel-loh's innocence doesn't seem quite as crystal clear as is initially thought.

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Barry Zuckerkorn

Barry Zuckerkorn must have the busiest job in town. After all, he is the Bluth family’s defence attorney. However, this vast responsibility is one that Barry tends to take likely throughout the series, putting less effort into his case files and more effort into getting laid. Well after all, he is played by Harry Winkler, previously the Fonz. Despite getting off with various members of the Bluth family and never being quite ‘super prepared’, the long suffering Micheal doesn’t fire him for quite some time. After all, his official website does cite that he is “Barry good.”

Bob Loblaw

Bob takes over from Barry as the Bluth’s second defence attorney. A much more together, younger and more attractive version of Barry, the casting decision certainly is not coincidental that the actor Scott Baio who portrays Bob was Fonz’ cousin in Happy Days. The new attourney has a no-nonsense approach to his craft, but not a no-nonsense name, that is like crack for journalists when his name crops up in headlines. “Bob Loblaw lobs law bomb” for instance.

Lucille Austero/ Lucille 2

Lucille Austero, who is quite notably Liza Minelli, is the friend, neighbour, and social chief of her nameake Lucille – so naturally, the pair want to rip the flesh out of each other. Lucille has a tendency of working her way through the cast, sharing dalliances with GOB and fellow Bluth-botherer Carl Weathers. However, a widow, Lucille uses the death of her husband to make anyone who questions this feel bad about it. As the series goes on, Lucille’s involvement in the Bluth family gets more and more manipulating.

Kitty Sanchez

Kitty is George's very innocent looking, not-so-innocent personal assistant; his very personal assistant in fact, before George is incarcerated. Once behind bars, Kitty's purpose is to cause as much tension in the Bluth family as possible, threatening to spill evidence on George's illegal Iraq operations to the SEC, mostly for financial reason, but also for her deep unwavering desire to keep herself in George's life.

J. Walter Weatherman

The one-armed J Walt Weatherman may have an innocent enough name, but the only forecast he is troubled with is enforcing a shit storm on George’s children. Walt is a former employee of the Bluth company, but is taken on by George to scare his family and teach them life lessons whenever he crops up. It’s been a long since tradition that since they were children, if anyone leaves the air conditioning on a giant one-armed man would scream at them, and in their adult lives, Walter makes sure these traumas stay firmly in tact.

Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers is indeed Carl Weathers, the former professional footballer and very real in real-life successful actor from the Rocky films, albeit a slightly exaggerated fictional version of himself. He springs up to help Tobias in acting lessons, and various levels of life coaching, sharing tips and tricks on thrifting, picking up leftovers wherever he goes. His appearance in the show ended up being a career revival for the actual Carl Weathers.

Steve Holt


Steve Holt is a typical all-American jock, the sort Molly Ringwald may fawn over in the ‘80s. On this occasion the person doing the fawning is Maeby, when George Micheal is not around for cousinly love. Steve Holt, whose nickname and catchphrase is “Steve Holt!” mostly exists throughout the series to sexually stir up whoever is nearby, and to rile up sibling rivalry when he opens a foe banana stand. This is complicated even further, however, when it's revealed that Holt is actually Gob's son - making him and Maeby actual cousins.


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