Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy co-hosts US local news channel

The famously sexist news anchor joined KX News host Amber Schatz for a special half-hour broadcast to promote the sequel to his 2004 film

Stay classy, er, North Dakota. Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell) has appeared on a local American channel in the state capital of Bismarck to co-host the KXMB news bulletin. The actor – dressed in his character’s trademark burgundy suit and stripy tie, and sporting that enviable moustache – joined co-anchor Amber Schatz for the half-hour broadcast which was a complete surprise to viewers. 


The stunt – which is part of a wider advertising campaign for Ferrell’s eagerly anticipated sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – saw the actor drop in a few of his character’s infamous one-liners, telling his co-host she looked “lovely tonight” before asking if she was married. When she told him no he replied, “Well, I am, so don’t get any ideas.”

Schatz admitted to having watched the original Anchorman about 30 times and said the hardest part of the pair’s stunt was holding in her laughter every time Ferrell spoke in character. “The second he said, ‘Good evening, I’m Ron Burgundy,’ I lost it,” she recalled. “It was really hard not to laugh.”

The 31-year-old also revealed that her station had been planning the broadcast for months, but the first she heard of it was on Wednesday. And although viewers failed to hear Burgundy’s signature “stay classy” sign-off, Schatz pointed out that Ferrell had said the line but the credits were already rolling and his microphone had been cut off: “He did say it, it just didn’t air.”  

For a look at Ron Burgundy’s exaggerated eye winks, wise cracks on hockey matches and dedicated flirting with his co-anchor, check out the full video below…