Fans of Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller will be pleased to hear that plans are afoot to reunite the duo for a new comedy drama show.


The pair have not appeared together on TV since their BAFTA award-winning The Armstrong and Miller Show ended in December 2010, but Armstrong tells a new series could soon be on the cards.

"We are submitting a comedy drama script for the pair of us to BBC1 at the beginning of March," revealed Armstrong.

"I’ve never done proper acting with Ben and I really long to," added the 42-year-old. "There are few people I enjoy acting with more. He’s got such a lovely understatement and tremendous subtlety too… he’s brilliant."

In the meantime, could a cameo role in Ben Miller's hit Caribbean-set BBC1 series Death in Paradise be on the cards?

"Well... maybe," said Armstrong. "There’s that matter of going out to Guadeloupe. I’m such a home bod these days. I hate being away from home."

The Pointless presenter, whose new series of Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask kicks off on Dave next week, also told us that the key to the pair's on-screen chemistry is their long friendship - and lots of partying.

"Ben and I spent an awful lot of time in each other’s company in the 90s," said Armstrong. "We would work together every day and then go out and party together every night. We really were joined at the hip from 1993 until about 1998.

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"I think it did us a lot of good to move into our own lives then! We got on, knuckled down, got married and had our own families. We now pursue our own careers independently, but then work together."

Their relationship is now, in Armstrong's words, "much nicer" and "slightly less pressured" - perfect conditions for penning a new series if you ask us!


Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask returns to Dave on 26 February