Alan Partridge will tackle society’s crucial issues in new Sky Atlantic documentary

In Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle, the broadcaster goes on a personal journey of redemption after a controversial on-air incident...


Look out, broken Britain. Alan Partridge is coming to fix you.


In new Sky Atlantic documentary Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle, Norwich’s finest broadcaster tries to make amends after an “on-air incident” by travelling north to make it up to the very people he offended on his radio show.

Abandoning his nice, big house, he heads into “unreported Britain” talking to all facets of society from supermarket staff to payday lenders, disaffected street gangs to food scavenging ‘freegans’…

Steve Coogan said: “It’s great to see Alan tackle the big issues of poverty and disenfranchised youth with the same clumsy ham-fistedness we would usually expect from George Osborne.”

Alan, we wish you the very best in this totally selfless journey…


The one-hour documentary will air on Sky Atlantic on 30 May.