Meet the cast of David Walliams’ Cinderella: After Ever After

Sian Gibson and David Walliams lead the cast of this star-studded TV movie on Sky

After Ever After cast

With David Walliams and Sian Gibson all dressed up in period costume to play Prince Charming and Cinderella, Sky’s fairytale drama After Ever After brings us an impressive line-up of top UK acting talent.


Here’s who you’ll see on screen:

David Walliams plays Prince Charming

David Walliams plays Prince Charming in Cinderella: After Ever After

In this version of the tale, Prince Charming is an extremely vain, self-obsessed man who can’t even remember his new wife’s name and only married her for the good publicity. He enjoys peasant hunting (yes, that’s “peasant” not “pheasant”) and hanging out with his two sidekicks, Snorter and Pongo. “Charmo” is also not very smart.

What else has David Walliams been in? Walliams is known for shows including Little Britain, Britain’s Got Talent, and Come Fly With Me; he is also a bestselling children’s author of books including Gangster Granny, The Boy in the Dress and Grandpa’s Great Escape – and frequently appears in children’s TV shows.

Sian Gibson plays Cinderella

Sian Gibson plays Cinderella in After Ever After

Cinderella is a kind-hearted, practical woman. She escaped her Wicked Stepmother and Ugly Stepsisters by marrying Prince Charming, but now she’s facing the reality of spending the rest of her life with this boor. At least she still has her old best friend Buttons the Mouse for company.

What else has Sian Gibson been in? The actress co-starred in (and co-wrote) Peter Kay’s Car Share, playing Kayleigh. She has recently appeared in The Reluctant Landlord (as the character Natasha) and The League of Gentlemen (as Tricia).

Tom Courtenay plays the King

Tom Courtenay plays the King in Cinderella: After Ever After

The King is a somewhat eccentric, confused old man. He is easily bossed around by other people and never really knows what’s going on.

What else has Tom Courtenay been in? Sir Tom Courtenay’s long career on stage and screen has included the movies The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Billy Liar, The Dresser, and Doctor Zhivago. Recently we’ve seen him on TV as Eric Slater in Unforgotten.

Celia Imrie plays the Wicked Stepmother

Celia Imrie plays the Evil Stepmother in Cinderella: After Ever After

Madame Blackheart the Wicked Stepmother always has a scheme in mind. Though Cinderella has escaped her clutches by marrying Prince Charming, Madame Blackheart is still determined to defeat her in the end.

What else has Celia Imrie been in? With more than 160 screen credits to her name, Celia Imrie is a well-known face. Recently she’s played Phyllis in Better Things, Kettle in Patrick Melrose, Maggie in Hang Ups, and the singing Vice Chancellor in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Her movies include The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Nanny McPhee, and she once played Miss Kizlet in Doctor Who. Imrie also worked closely with Victoria Wood on shows including Dinner Ladies.

Kevin Bishop voices Buttons the Mouse

Kevin Bishop voices Buttons the Mouse

Buttons doesn’t appear in every adaptation of Cinderella, but he often pops up in pantomime versions of the fairytale. In the pantomime, he is usually a male servant or pageboy who is secretly in love with Cinderella – but in After Ever After, Buttons is actually a mouse.

What else has Kevin Bishop been in? The comedian’s credits include In the Long Run (as Don), Porridge (as Nigel Norman Fletcher), and – as you might guess from the title – The Kevin Bishop Show. Back in the ’90s he played Sam Spalding in Grange Hill.

Matthew Steer plays the Herald

Matthew Steer plays the Herald in Cinderella: After Ever After

The Herald has an unfortunate tendency to get his murds wuddled (or words muddled). He is also terrible at playing the trumpet.

What else has Matthew Steer been in? If you’re a superfan of The Crown, you might recognise him as Harold Wilson’s aide. Matthew Steer has also recently appeared in Les Misérables, Wild Bill, and The Last Kingdom – and he’s been seen in Crackanory and Drunk History UK.

Ellen Thomas plays the Fairy Godmother

Ellen Thomas plays the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella: After Ever After

The Fairy Godmother helped Cinderella go to the ball and meet Prince Charming, but now she has become quite a nuisance. Her magic abilities are very limited, and she keeps insisting that Cinderella must wear glass high-heels at all times.

What else has Ellen Thomas been in? She is most famous for starring as Claudette Hubbard in EastEnders, but has recently played Maggie Mensah in Dark Money and Mama in Idris Elba’s In the Long Run.

Ruth Bratt plays Dumbella the Ugly Stepsister

Ruth Bratt plays Dumbella the Ugly Stepsister in Cinderella: After Ever After

Dumbella is Cinderella’s none-too-bright stepsister.

What else has Ruth Bratt been in? She played Roche in People Just Do Nothing, and Carol in the TV series Man Down.

Camille Ucan plays Rubella the Ugly Stepsister 

Camille Ucan plays Rubella the Ugly Stepsister in Cinderella: After Ever After

Rubella is Cinderella’s stepsister.

What else has Camille Ucan been in? Recent roles include Nikki in Lee and Dean, and the assistant in Ready or Not. She’s also a writer on Thomas & Friends.

Alexander Owen plays Charming’s friend Snorter

Alexander Owen plays Charming's friend Snorter in Cinderella: After Ever After

Prince Charming’s friend Snorter is his most enthusiastic sidekick (and is clearly also in love with him).

What else has Alexander Owen been in? Alongside his After Ever After co-star Ben Ashenden (below), Alexander Owen wrote and starred in Oi Leonardo on BBC Three – which also featured Stephen Fry and Samantha Spiro. His acting credits include Wannabe, Victoria (as Dr Brydon), and Crackanory.

Ben Ashenden plays Charming’s friend Pongo

Ben Ashenden plays Prince Charming's friend Pongo in Cinderella: After Ever After

Pongo is Prince Charming’s friend and sidekick.


What else has Ben Ashenden been in? Aside from his work on Oi Leonardo, the actor and comedian has appeared in Tracey Ullman’s Show, Stath Lets Flats, Witless, and Tracey Breaks the News. He played Pierce in Bridget Jones’s Baby, and worked as a writer on Walliams & Friend back in 2016.