A Seinfeld mini-reunion happened on Saturday Night Live

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Larry David appeared together in a political sketch


Here’s a fun fact about Julia Louis-Dreyfus: before Seinfeld, she had a mediocre run as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. (So did Sarah Silverman! And Robert Downey Jr! Yes, that Robert Downey Jr!)


It wasn’t the happiest tenure, but last night she returned to host the whole shebang, and even dropped in an appearance from her old Seinfeld character Elaine Benes. And who else should show up but Larry David, co-creator of the show, playing Bernie Sanders!

This was billed as a Seinfeld reunion, and it kind of was, although David was more of a backroom guy back then. Before Curb Your Enthusiasm, most members of the public would have struggled to name the owl-faced misanthrope, and he and Louis-Dreyfus never really shared the screen.

David only ‘starred’ in the fake reunion episode of Seinfeld (featured in series seven of Curb), when the fictional Larry David tried to replace Jason Alexander in the role of George Costanza, who was a stand-in for the real David back when the show was on the air. Yada yada yada, moving on.

This was an excuse to drop a bunch of Seinfeld catchphrases, and it was nice to see Elaine’s red jacket again.


Oh, here’s a thing. Do you know who else struggled on Saturday Night Live, back in the day? Larry David. He once quit his job in a fury, then showed up a few days later pretending nothing had happened. It inspired an episode of a sitcom, but we forget which one.