Laura and Paul's big day has arrived.


Him & Her: The Wedding starts tonight on BBC3 and will see Becky's infuriating sister finally walk down the aisle to marry her put-upon fiance Paul.

But whatever happens, you can be sure that it won't all go according to plan. I mean, for a start, it's the first time Becky and Steve have ever left their flat in three whole series. Chances are things are going to get a bit messy.

Luckily for any brides-to-be out there, there's no need to follow in their footsteps. When it comes to planning your own big day, there are a lot of things you can learn without ever leaving your flat, courtesy of the world of telly and film...

You've got to get the proposal right.

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The element of surprise is key, so tell whatever lies you need to...

Once you've set a date, choose your bridesmaids carefully.

And don't make any rash decisions when it comes to the best man, either.

Plan everything down to the last detail.

Just don't book a wedding in Vegas.'t%20Tell%20the%20Bride%3A%20Series%204%3A%20The%20Vegas%20Wedding%3A%20Viva%20Las%20Vegas&product=iplayer

Or this might happen...

Looking your best is important. But don't over do the fake tan.

And finally. Remember to say the right name at the altar. It's a biggie, that one.

Him & Her: The Wedding starts tonight at 10:00pm on BBC3


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