89-year-old Dick Van Dyke dances like Mary Poppins was yesterday

This sweep is still as plucky as plucky can be...

Dick Van Dyke is Mr Entertainment. 89 years old with a career that spans back to 1947, he’s the full package: a singing, dancing, acting, one man vaudeville revue, whether on stage or screen.


Now the almost nonagenarian has shown he can still kick it old school. Observe.

As you watch D.V.D dance along to the old-timey sound of The Dustbowl Revival (that’s Arlene his wife with him…she’s 46 years his junior) bear in mind that Mary Poppins was 50 years ago.


So enough about that terrible cockney accent. Besides, the accent is hardly the most embarrassing moment in Van Dyke’s career. That would be this reunion photo with Mary Tyler Moore, his co-star on the 1960s The Dick Van Dyke Show.