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Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte sure do go through a lot of drama, and deal with a lot of issues you're sure to want to discuss with Mum or Dad.

But when they start putting the sex in the city, you'll want to hightail it off the sofa quick sharp.

No amount of wine and chats with the parentals can prepare you for Samantha and her sexy swing.

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What's this? A nice new Scottish time travel drama, set in the Highlands you say?

Och eye, that's perfect for a family night in on the sofa.

Then, in episode one, Frank and Claire head off to do a spot of sightseeing and suddenly he's traded the highlands for her, errr, lowlands and it all gets VERY awkward on the sofa.

And that's just the start of it… je suis NOT prest when Mummy's in the room.


George RR Martin's fantasy novels might seem like a Lord of The Rings-style treat that you can sit down to watch with Mum and Dad, but barely 60 minutes pass before brother and sister Jamie and Cersei are having a bit of a power hour up a tower.

And we all know that as the series progresses, they're not the only ones flashing flesh and getting it on at the most unexpected intervals.

One minute you're watching a massive battle and the next there's a massive… well, you get it.

Don't make the mistake many have before you. Change the channel. Leave the room. Watch it later.


OK, so if you've got open-minded Mums and Dads, this one isn't too bad at all, but if they're sitting down expecting Prisoner Cell Block H or Prisoners' Wives they're in for a right shock.

Best to run from the room if the parentals are a bit conservative.


Four down-to-earth gal pals living in the city and discussing their complicated lives.

Sure that's bound to be family friendly, just like Sex and The City right? RIGHT?!?

Keep telling yourself that as you scramble for a cushion to cover your face.


Fancy a bit of family-friendly supernatural drama about vampires and werewolves and such?

Then you'd best stick to Twilight with Mum and Dad because True Blood's beyond fit for family consumption.

Don't let the presence of Vinnie from Home and Away and Sean off EastEnders fool you – the pair are involved in one of the most NSFW scenes of all time. Not Safe For... Welatives?

Anyway, you've been warned.


The clue's in the title when it comes to this one, really.

So next time you hear Mum or Dad suggest it because "It's got Michael Sheen in it", don't fall for it.

It's sex, sex and more sex. With Janis from Mean Girls (Lizzy Caplan) for good measure.


Family drama doesn't come much more stark than this, as the Gallaghers run riot on the Chatsworth Estate.

And have a LOT of no holes barred sex.

And then Mrs Doyle from Father Ted gets all of her buns out and you'll never listen to her saying "G'wan G'wan G'wan" the same way EVER again.

Fun for all the family… NOT.


You thought Rose had gone everywhere in the Tardis with the Doctor.

You thought wrong.

It's a little less 'What Rose did next'... and a little more, err, Who.


You're chilling with Mum and Dad, having a chuckle at Will's struggles to fit in and then suddenly you're "knee deep in clunge" and watching a guy accidentally exposing his testicles.

Don't do it, friend.


As one RadioTimes.com writer so eloquently put it: "No one needs to hear a girl say, 'My vagina feels like it's been hit by a train' in general, but they definitely don't need that when their parents are in the room."

Take us back to the days of Blind Date, when Cilla and the boys and girls had good clean fun discussing 'hurr' that wasn't down 'thurr' and dropped the odd innuendo.


They may live up north but this lot spend all their time talking about going down south.

And no, we don't mean down to London.


They all tend to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel… and various other broadcasters.