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CBeebies went down on Sky – and kids and grown-ups lost it

Hottest day of the year + no CBeebies = complete meltdown

Peter Rabbit on CBeebies
Published: Thursday, 26th July 2018 at 12:46 pm

Parents up and down the country declared a state of emergency when CBeebies went down today.


According to viewers, some Sky customers switching on the TV early Thursday morning were greeted not by the adorable Show Me Show Me, but instead a title card bringing doom-laden news and disappointment to kids and adults everywhere.

Cries of "won't somebody please think of the parents" and "send help" rang out up and down the country:

CBeebies HQ were on it, trying to get Sky into action and showing their solidarity with frustrated adults.

Thankfully, several hours later, CBeebies tweeted to say that normal service had been resumed and that the channel was back up and running.


Thank goodness for that. We came this close to declaring a national crisis...


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