Bill Turnbull accidentally drops the C-word live on BBC Breakfast

The presenter stumbled over his words leading to an unfortunate mispronunciation of the word "clients"

You have to feel sorry for Bill Turnbull this morning. Exemplary delivery from the BBC Breakfast sofa day after day and then he makes one slight stumble which unexpectedly comes out, well, a little rude…


Turnbull was reading out a message from a viewer when he tripped over his words, paused – for a brief but pregnant moment – and then accidentally dropped a C-bomb…

He later provided an explanation of what had happened by way of this self-deprecating tweet…

Turnbull will no doubt get sympathy from many viewers – not to mention empathy from a number of other public figures who have inadvertently bid “see you next Tuesday” to audiences in the past.

Back in 2010, the Today programme’s Jim Naughtie mispronounced the surname of then Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, before Andrew Marr compounded the error by repeating it an hour later on his show.


And earlier this year, John Inverdale apologised for “a slip of the tongue” in the same area during Radio 5 Live’s coverage of the Cheltenham Festival.