Who is the mole in Before We Die?

**Warning – spoilers ahead for Before We Die episode one**

Before We Die

**Warning – this article contains spoilers for Before We Die episode one**


Brand new drama Before We Die kicked off tonight on Channel 4, starring Lesley Sharp as Hannah Laing – a detective whose colleague and lover Sean goes missing and sets out to discover what happened to him.

By the end of episode one, we discover that Sean has been killed, after the criminal family he’d been investigating captured him, tortured him and eventually murdered him just as the police were minutes away from rescuing the officer.

Of course, Hannah deduced there was a mole within the Organised Crime Unit, feeding the criminals Sean’s location as soon as the police became aware of it – but who is the bent copper?

Here’s RadioTimes.com’s theories as to who the mole in Before We Die could be so far.

Billy Murdoch

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The suspect we know the most about at the moment is Billy Murdoch (Vincent Regan)– the Organised Crime Unit’s new specialist in Eastern European drug gangs. He’d been recently working alongside Sean in investigating the Mimicas and is initially hostile towards Hannah when she reveals she knows about Sean’s contact ‘Issy’.

At the moment, he sticks out the most as the potential mole. He already knew the ins and outs of Sean’s investigation, having been working closely with him, and tries to stop Hannah from “blundering blindly” into the case – so there’s a likelihood that he may have been watching Sean and passing on information to the Mimicas about the investigation. He even may have revealed to the Mimicas who Sean was and encouraged them to kill him.

We also know that Billy was aware of Sean’s location before it was sent anonymously to the Mimica’s henchman Zvonomir, as he was in the room when Marcus told Tina that they’d received a call from the person whose house Sean stumbled into whilst escaping Zvonomir. Could Billy have sent Zvonomir the coordinates of Sean’s location whilst the police were on their way?

Of all the characters, Billy would be the most capable of carrying out corrupt activities as a police officer whilst undetected. Not only is he a specialist in Eastern European drug gangs, but he’s employed by the security services and has a background in military intelligence.

Tina Carter

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Hannah and Sean’s boss Tina (Rebecca Scroggs) could also be the mole at this point. She was knew where Sean was located in the Mendips and so it’s possible she could have texted Zvonomir his coordinates while Hannah was on the phone to him in the police car.

So far, we know she’s eager to follow the rules, do things by the book and discourage unorthodox ways of investigating Sean’s disappearance, but could this be her overcompensating for the fact that she’s actually feeding information back to the Mimicas?


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Could Marcus (John O’Connor), a member of the OCU, be the mole who’s been hiding in plain sight?

We don’t know a great deal about Marcus – he works alongside Hannah and Sean, his boss is Tina and he’s one of the officers who was tasked with finding clues about Seans’ disappearance.

He’s also the person who receives a call about Sean’s whereabouts in the Mendips and passes it on to Tina, Hannah and Billy. Could he have also passed that information onto Zvonomir as well?


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