Batman scored an amazing goal at a real American football game

Yes, Batman


We’re a bunch of limey Brits, so we don’t much understand American football. But we do know one thing: Batman is great at American football?


Know how we know that?

Because he’s Batman.

Also there’s video proof.

Some explanation might be in order, although Batman scoring a field is pretty self-explanatory. The game was the Cincinatti Bearcats vs the Memphis Tigers, both college teams, with Memphis going on to win. Oh, and Batman was there.

But beyond that, no one seems to know why this happened, who this man was or why he was dressed as Batman. Seriously, we’ve looked around and the closest we can find to an explanation is this from a local paper:

Memphis led 27-0 at halftime, with a season-low home crowd of 25,796 booing as the Bearcats went to the dressing room.

Play of the Night? How about this:

A man dressed in a black Batman costume kicked a 30-yard field goal during a timeout promotion in the second quarter. That brought some of the loudest cheers all night.

Of course it brought the loudest cheers of the night. It’s Batman.


Not that things always go so smoothly when he decides to throw around the ole pig skin.