Expedition with Steve Backshall

Mexico: Maya Underworlds

Series 1 - Episode 8 Mexico: Maya Underworlds



As Steve Backshall’s safety and security advisor, it’s up to former Royal Marine Aldo Kane to issue  warnings. “There is no rescue,” says Kane, dolefully, as the team is about to enter a cave system on the Yucatan Peninsula. “Worst case scenario is body recovery.” Gee, thanks.

What unfurls is a claustrophobic nightmare, as Backshall and a cave-mapping expert descend into what could, possibly, have been seen by the ancient Mayan people as a portal to the underworld. 

In a foray down a well, Backshall and a Mayan civilisation expert come across some eerie finds – Mayan pots, handprints and human skulls and skeletons.


Steve Backshall leads a team into Yucatan, Mexico on the trail of the ancient Maya. Uncovering sinister secrets and artefacts, they push far into the underworld of the Maya.
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