Abandoned Engineering

Palace of Death

Series 4 - Episode 2 Palace of Death

Sun 15 Mar 4pm - 5pm Yesterday
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The fun of this series is guessing what the abandoned structures were originally used for before the experts tell us – or put forward their theories.

You’ll probably get close to working out that the lengthy raised concrete track in France was for some form of transport. But the purpose of the Nazi-built circular “henge” in the Polish countryside with its web of underground tunnels is much trickier. And surely nobody would think that behind the ornate façade of a large building in Shanghai was an Escher-like maze of walkways and stairs, or that the building was used for anything unusual. The experts’ repeated insistence it had a “macabre” purpose is pushing it a bit, though.


A seemingly endless concrete line stretching through the French countryside, which sits as a monument to a discarded engineering advancement.