Forbidden History

The Real Ark of the Covenant

Series 3 - Episode 1 The Real Ark of the Covenant

Sat 27 Jul 9am - 10am Yesterday


It's that staple of cable and satellite TV: the post-Da Vinci Code history programme, seeking The Truth (ie renegade hypotheses and conspiracy theories) behind ancient stories. And there's nothing more popular than a biblical mystery (except maybe a Nazi one). So, series three of Forbidden History starts with the "ultimate treasure quest" – the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant.

"If anything's going to survive from biblical times, it's the Ark," says one historian. So where is it? Ethiopia emerges as a contender. But it's a complex quest, with many angles, and ultimately if feels like everyone's floundering in the dark, trying to justify their own agenda.


Jamie Theakston goes in search of the location of the real Ark of the Covenant, believed to be held in a chapel in Ethiopia that is now in dire need of repair.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jamie Theakston