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Jane McDonald: Why I love river cruising

She's been ocean cruising for 20 years – so what took her so long to discover Europe's rivers?

Cruising with Jane McDonald
Published: Friday, 1st September 2017 at 7:00 am

A year ago, Jane McDonald wouldn’t have dreamt of booking a river cruise. “I would have thought ‘old’ – but it’s not!” she says, with some surprise.


“It’s for people who are keen to see more of the cities: you get a lot longer in them than on an ocean cruise stopover, and of course you can get straight into the city centre. The ship is more like a floating hotel. You only go back there to eat and sleep, then you’re off the ship again all day and sometimes all evening.”

In her Channel 5 series, Cruising with Jane McDonald, she embarks on a different cruise each week: this week she goes on a voyage round Cuba; then there’s a Baltic cruise to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki; a week on a mega-ship in Italy; and a trip down the River Rhône. In the past five years, European river cruising has boomed and it’s been the biggest revelation for McDonald. “I get mad with myself because I’ve been cruising for 20 years and – this is the thing with people who cruise – you find a ship you like, you find the itinerary you like and you tend to go back to that. That’s what I’m loving about this programme: I’m finding different shipping companies, different itineraries. There’s a big difference between ocean cruises and river cruises.

“Comfortable shoes are the best thing I can recommend to anyone going on a river cruise. Don’t be like me and pack high heels – I had to go and buy some flats!”

The Rhône has its source in the Swiss Alps and winds through south-eastern France before flowing into the Mediterranean. McDonald’s cruise began in Lyon and meandered south, anchoring in Tournon, Viviers, Avignon and Arles, where Provence’s rolling countryside yields to the wetlands of the Camargue, famous for its birdlife and wild white horses.

The Pont St. Benezet, Avignon; the historic centre of Avignon is a Unesco world heritage site

River ships are much smaller than their ocean-going cousins because they have to fit into locks and under bridges, and used to feel inferior, but the facilities on new vessels are increasingly comparable with the vast ships. McDonald sailed with Avalon Waterways and was particularly impressed with her cabin on the Poetry II. “You have everything you can possibly want, and an amazing view from the floor-to-ceiling windows, which you can open.” The ship had an ingenious approach to bridges. “Everything on the top deck folded down – the chairs, the bar, everything collapsed. That was fascinating.”

No matter how cleverly designed the boat, one disadvantage of river cruising is that you can be marooned – lots of rain can mean vessels are unable to pass under low bridges; very little means you can’t move. “We had to stay an extra day in Lyon, but the cruise director was brilliant and there were all sorts of things to do. I saw a lot more of the city than I would have.”

On river cruises, the excursions are often included. Or, like McDonald, you can choose to do your own thing. She ticked two things off her bucket list: she watched the sun rise from a hot- air balloon and re-created her favourite 80s advert. “Do you remember the Cadbury’s Flake advert where a girl walked into a field and had this amazing picnic? I’d always wanted to emulate that advert, so I did!”

Cruising with Jane McDonald begins on Friday 1 September on Channel 5 at 9pm

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