Windows 10 search not working after new update – here’s how to fix it

There are a few issues with Windows 10 since the latest update, but don't worry you can fix it (for now)

Windows 10 has been having issues

Windows 10 has already had quite a few teething problems after the latest updates so much so users are getting a little more than frustrated.


The latest update Microsoft has released has now caused network and sound issues, with some reporting search isn’t working.

Microsoft released Windows 10 KB4532695 – an update that aimed to fix the previous problems with the Windows’s 10 search.

After a few days, it now looks like the update has caused a few more issues.

Windows Latest has now reported that users are experiencing sound cutting out on their PC after installing the update.

Others have said their network connectivity has been affected too. It looks like the issue is with wired Ethernet connections and Wi-Fi.

When users can connect they are also experiencing slow internet speeds.

So far rebooted hasn’t sorted the issue, the only solution appears to be uninstalling the update.

How to fix Windows 10’s issues

If you are experiencing the network issues after the update then there are a few things you can try.

Open your settings and click ‘Update and Security’ then in that window click View Update History – Uninstall Updates and select the KB4532695.


This should sort your issues out until Microsoft releases its next fix.