WhatsApp to let you create and use custom animated stickers – how it works

WhatsApp is giving you another way to personalise your chat.


WhatsApp is adding a new feature soon meaning you’ll soon be able to add custom animated sticker packs to personalise your chat.


Stickers, cartoon images, can be added into a chat for reactions and to personalise responses. They’re bigger and often animated compared to the standard emoji we all use. You can also get them in sets, known as themed packs.

When you tap the sticker button in chat you can see the basic standard sticker packs. This collection was expanded last year with animated stickers, and the sticker search tool allowing you to get exactly what you want.

WhatsApp is taking that a step further now and adding an animated third-party sticker option, meaning you can install them and use them within WhatsApp making it lot easier to access them.

You can already make your own stickers using tools online, but now you can add them in and animate them. Using videos and GIFs is one option or you can import a pack – just remember a pack has to be animated or static, not both.

It appears the feature is already available in Iran, Indonesia and Brazil, but if you can’t see it already you should be able to soon.

We’ll bring more updates on the rollout once it’s available.


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