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Splatoon 2 gets new Splatfest and a free Nintendo Switch demo

Nintendo Switch is running a new promotion soon for Splatoon

Splatoon 2
Published: Friday, 24th April 2020 at 12:18 pm

It seemed like support for Splatoon 2 was over, but then a surprise like the new Nintendo promotion comes along.


Splatoon 2 is massive in Japan - and did relatively well over here too - selling more than 2 million copies in the country.

Nintendo has now announced a free Splatoon 2 Special Demo 2000 free to download on Wednesday, 29th April. 

We don't know about Nintendo UK yet, but the US channels are promoting the demo and a seven day trial of the Nintendo Switch Online, which isn't to be sniffed at.

We'd expect the same deal to be offered here in Europe too probably around the same time.

When will the Splatoon 2 demo go live?

The free download demo runs from the 29th April at 7am BST to 6th May at 2.59pm BST. 

Where can I buy Splatoon 2?

You can also get Splatoon 2 with 30 per cent off during the trial time - whatever progress you make in the demo also carries over to the game.

When will The Splatfest be held?

The Splatfest will take place on the weekend of 22nd May and will be the classic mayo vs ketchup Splatfest. Themes vary between the continents but the ideas always remains the same. You join the mutli-day online event and join one of the teams - mayo or ketchup here - then when you earn points its adding to the central pot until a winner emerges at the end.


We know what we'll be doing come 22nd May. It's even more of a surprise given support for the game was thought to have ended last year. Fingers crossed this means Splatoon 3 is on its way...


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