Samsung has been giving Apple a run for its money recently, with their Galaxy range, in particular, proving particularly popular with the public. Rumours of the next model are continuously being thrown about and analysed, but it won't be long now until we see what the South Korean tech giant have up their sleeve.


Here’s a round-up of the latest news and rumours for the next Samsung Galaxy, which was originally thought to be the S11 but is now more likely to be named the Samsung Galaxy S20.

When is the Samsung Galaxy S11/S20 released?

The Samsung Galaxy S11/S20 is expected to be unveiled on February 11th, when Samsung is holding a Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco.

Going by previous releases, the S11/S20 will then be available to buy in early March.

You can already pre-register for the new Samsung Galaxy S20.

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How much will the Samsung Galaxy S11 cost?

Pricing will probably be announced at Galaxy Unpacked on February 11th but using the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch prices as a guide, the Samsung Galaxy S11/S20 will start at $749 and £669.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ was significantly more expensive - especially with 5G. So if the Samsung Galaxy S11/S20 has several higher-spec variants, such as the rumoured Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra, it’s not inconceivable there could be models retailing nearer $1,000 or £1,000 each.

Latest Samsung Galaxy deals

Can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy S11/S20? We’ve rounded up some of the best Samsung Galaxy deals for January…

Samsung Galaxy S10E - O2

O2 has the Samsung Galaxy S10E 128GB for £75 upfront, £26 monthly. It comes with 12GB data, unlimited minutes and texts on a 24month plan at Buy it here.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Three

Three has the Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB for £79 upfront, £47 monthly. It comes with unlimited minutes and texts on a 24-month plan. Buy it here.

What might we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S11/S20?

As with all major tech launches, there is a huge amount of secrecy, but a succession of leaks and rumours mean we have a fairly good idea of what to expect.

There are rumoured to be three versions of the new Galaxy, with the higher-end model having the best specs:

  • Samsung Galaxy S11/S20
  • Samsung Galaxy S11/S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S11/s20 Ultra


Smartphones always come with various levels of storage, and the Samsung Galaxy series is no exception. The s10 range came in choices of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and even 1TB with the S10+ ceramic edition.

Those are already pretty hefty memory sizes, and all rumours point to Samsung expanding the 1TB option to even the low-end options this time around, meaning all three rumoured devices will have a choice in storage between 128GB and 1TB.


Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung

The previous S10 models joined the trend of having multiple rear cameras, and Samsung's latest are likely to be no different.

All three models are thought to receive camera upgrades, with the S20 and S20+ rumoured to have triple- and quad-lens camera respectively with 64MP sensors. It is the S20 Ultra however that is getting the biggest buzz, as it is thought to have a 108MP 100x zoom quad-lens camera.

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Samsung usually uses its own Exynos processors in European models, and the 7nm Exynos 990 the rumoured candidate for the S11/S20. This would give a 20% boost to speed and efficiency, and could support the rumoured 108MP cameras.

5G capability

Given that previous S10 range had a 5G model, it seems inevitable that the replacement S11/S20 series will support the new data network in some way. The rumours, however, point towards all of the S11/S20 models having 5G capability as standard, suggesting that 5G is well and truly on its way.

Screen size

The S10 range had screen sizes varying from 5.8inches to 6.7 inches.

The S11/S20 Ultra, however, is thought to have a giant 6.9inch screen, with the S11/S20+ thought to have a still sizable 6.7inch screen. The standard S11/S20 model is thought to have a smaller 6.2inch screen.

All are thought have a 20:9 aspect ratio with Quad HD+ resolution.



As with the S10 range, all three models are expected to support USB-C charging cables, as well as wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.