Samsung was way ahead of the game when they announced the market's first foldable phone in February 2019, following years of speculation, rumours and excitement. However when it came to the actual launch, there were various issues that saw Samsung delay the release by a couple of months.


Now with lessons learnt and the opportunity to iron out the wrinkles, the Galaxy Fold 2 could truly be a revolutionary piece of tech now the teething issues are out of the way.

Here’s a round-up of the latest news and rumours for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2...

When is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 released?

At this stage, very little is known about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung may well unveil the device at their upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on 11th February, as they did last year with the original Galaxy Fold. However, the electronic giants may want to keep the focus on the horizontally-flipping Samsung Galaxy Flip Z, as well as give the current Galaxy Fold more room to breathe considering delays meant it only released in September 2019.

So at this stage, it's not clear when the Fold 2 will release, though we'll undoubtedly see it at some point during 2020.

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Samsung's Galaxy Fold 5G smartphone is displayed at a telecom shop in Seoul on January 8, 2020. - Samsung Electronics' operating profits fell by more than a third in the fourth quarter, the world's biggest manufacturer of smartphones and memory chips estimated on January 8. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP) (Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images)

How much will the Galaxy Fold 2 cost?

There's no news yet on the price either, but it will be around the eye-watering £1,800 price tag of the original. Following the mixed reception of the first Galaxy Fold Samsung is expected to add quite a few improvements - which could raise the price.

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What might we expect from the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?

As a new technology, we only have one previous Samsung Galaxy Fold to draw theories from for the follow-up. However, by looking at the areas that received the most criticism and scrutinising a few rumours, we can speculate about the Galaxy Fold 2...


The Samsung Galaxy Fold already had a huge 512GB memory, so we expect this feature to stay the same.


The big rumour going around is that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have an incredible 108 MP camera, which is possible as the Samsung Galaxy S11/S20 Ultra is said to sport one.

However other rumours suggest that the foldable phone will instead have a 12 MP main camera and 12 MP ultrawide lens, which is a bit more believable considering the 12 MP cameras of the original.

The front camera is thought to be 10 MP, and will likely be a hole-punch design to make folding easier.


The rumours are that the Galaxy Fold 2 will use the same Snapdragon 855 chipset as the original, which is interesting considering that the newer Snapdragon 865 is now widely available and said to be used by the Samsung Galaxy S11/S20.

5G capability

Given that the first Galaxy Fold was an early adopter of 5G, it is highly likely this successor will also support the new data network.

Screen size

Little is known about the Galaxy Fold 2's screen, except that it will likely be made from ultra-thin glass for a stronger display. Rumours are that the foldable phone will have a larger 8-inch screen, and possibly come with a stylus.



Like the original, the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, as well as offering faster charging speeds than the first Fold.