Following their bold six-camera 9 PureView, Nokia has reportedly scrapped any plans of the 9.1 Pureview altogether and instead skipped straight to the 9.2. Now phone titles skipping the odd number is nothing new - we're looking at you iPhone X - but this upgraded name has the tech community hoping for a truly high-end, top-spec phone.


Here’s a round-up of the latest news and rumours for the Nokia 9.2 PureView.

When is the Nokia 9.2 PureView released?

Not much is known about the release date of the Nokia 9.2 Pureview, though it is expected in the first half of 2020. It does not seem to be set for unveiling at the Mobile World Congress, like its predecessor the Nokia 9 was in February 2019.

How much will the Nokia 9.2 PureView cost?

Little is known about the 9.2 PureView's price, but it is likely to be similar to the £550 launch price of the Nokia 9. However, 5G support may well push this price upwards.

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What might we expect from the Nokia 9.2 Pureview?

The headquarters of Finnish telecommunication network company Nokia are pictured in Espoo, Finland on April 27, 2017.
Finland's telecoms giant Nokia reported that it remained deep in the red at the start of the year, with sales in its main business, networks, on the decline. / AFP PHOTO / Lehtikuva / Vesa Moilanen / Finland OUT (Photo credit should read VESA MOILANEN/AFP via Getty Images)

As the 9.2 Pureview isn't set for release just yet, much of the chat around the smartphone is based on speculation and guesses, as well as the odd juicy rumour...


We expect at least the same 128GB storage as the Nokia 9 PureView, and there are rumours floating around of a possible 256GB option also.


The Nokia 9 PureView already has a crazy penta-camera setup, which promised to capture 10 times more light than most single smartphone sensors. However, after this bold new camera equipment failed to love up to they hype Nokia may well return to the more standard triple or quad configuration and aim for a higher level of megapixels instead.

The main draw is said to be an under-glass 32 MP front-facing camera, making the 9.2 PureView one of the first on the market to have this tech and the boast of a truly flat screen.


Like most smartphones launching this year, the Nokia 9.2 PureView will use the powerful Snapdragon 865.

5G capability

Yes - the Nokia 9.2 PureView is set to be Nokia's first 5G phone.

Screen size

The screen size is thought to be similar to the 5.99-inch display of the Nokia 9 PureView. However, this is relatively small for a flagship smartphone these days - so an extension of a few inches is quite possible.



Like the Nokia 9 before it, the 9.2 Pureview is expected to support wireless charging and have a USB-C port.