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Is Netflix down? Outages reported this morning - error guide and what could be wrong

How to tell if the streaming service is having issues... or if it's just you.

Published: Wednesday, 3rd March 2021 at 11:57 am

Netflix has stopped working in US and Europe leaving users unable to get on the streaming site.


Problems were also reported on the app, though some users did report being able to log in.

More people have been using Netflix while stuck at home due to the Coronavirus putting more strain on the website, but this looks like a specific error.

Down Detector, a website that tracks problems, showed outages globally, this morning peaking at 10:50am. There were also issues reported a little earlier including no connection (37% of issues), videos not streaming (23% of issues) or the website not loading (38% of issues).

Update: It looks like the service is now returning.

Is Netflix down?

Picture the scene: the latest Netflix original has dropped, you're in prime position in the sofa complete with snacks when you receive a heartbreaking message - Netflix is down.

As reliable as the streaming service usually is, the reliance on the internet means Netflix isn't immune to a few problems - especially if a lot of people are home all requesting shows - but thankfully many only require a quick fix.

So next time your stream cuts out mid-way through Stranger Things, here's a guide to the many Netflix errors.

What does a Netflix issue look like?

There are four typical signs if Netflix is struggling to connect - either Netflix will completely fail to load, Netflix will partially load, an error message will be displayed or Netflix will load but won’t allow you to play a title. Each requires a different response, but thankfully you don't need to be a computer expert to get The Crown up and running again.

What do I do if Netflix completely fails to load?

Now this error depends on which device you are using - on a computer the page won't load at all, and on a smart TV, gaming system, tablet or smartphone the app won't open.

If you're unable to open other apps or websites, then this is likely an internet problem on your end - a quick restart of your router should be your first port of call. It's also worth checking that both the Netflix app and your device's system software are up to date.

If other apps and websites are working fine this is a Netflix-specific problem, and should be repaired within a few hours.

What do I do if Netflix Partially Loads?

This is a problem commonly found while using Netflix on a computer browser - the website and your profile will load, but there will be noticeable blank spaces in the content library.

A quick refresh usually solves this problem fairly painlessly, though it may take a few attempts. As they'd advise on The IT Crowd, turning your computer and router on and off may also help.

What do I do if Netflix Shows an Error Message?

This one's a bit more complicated, but luckily you'll be displayed a handy little error code. From there you simply have to visit Netflix's troubleshooting page, and pop the error code into the search bar placed conveniently in the middle of the page to receive detailed step-by-step instructions on what to do next.

It's also worth checking to see if this is part of a wider Netflix outage through a Google or Twitter search, or the official Is Netflix Down? page.

What to do if Netflix Loads But Won’t Let You Play a Title?

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

So close, yet so far. Netflix loads and you can see your ever-growing watchlist, but just as you're about to finally sit through The Irishman nothing happens. If you've checked all apps and software is up to date and restarted everything, then this likely is due to a widespread Netflix outage.

Again, check the Is Netflix Down? page for Netflix's official stance, and the Netflix UK Twitter page has often given regular updates when the service goes down. If you're really worried there's a live chat option on the Netflix help centre, or you can give them a ring at 0800 096 8879.


However the best option is simply to wait, and the site's technical team will likely have the service running within a few hours. In the meantime there are plenty of other options to stream yourself silly - check out our best picks to watch on BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime. Or find out what's on live TV right now with our TV Guide.


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