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Troy Baker reveals Marvel’s Avengers “most satisfying character” to play as and gameplay revealed

Troy Baker, who voices the Hulk/Bruce Banner, reveals who he found most satisfying to play - and it's not his character.

Marvel Avengers team

Marvel’s Avengers will players “lose their minds” and Kamala is the “most satisfying” to play as, according to voice actor Troy Baker.


Baker, who voices Bruce Banner/Hulk in the new Square Enix/Marvel game, spoke to RadioTimes.com ahead of the games launch on 4th September.

The team-up, and idea for the game, dates back to 2017, so it’s been a long time coming, with fans eager to know what to expect.

Teaser trailers and gameplay demos, as well as the beta access, have revealed players get to immerse themselves in the storyline playing as their favourite Marvel characters.

The Marvel’s Avengers story is its own arc, standing alone, rather than part of the MCU, but it echoes the Captain America: Civil War storyline.

The story beings on Avengers Day aka A-Day, a celebratory event, that takes a turn for the worse when The Golden Gate Bride is attacked. The Avengers are set up, and outlawed unable to use their superpowers until a little way in the future Ms Marvel decides to reunite them…

It turns out M.O.D.O.K and AIM are up to no good, controlling the world while pretending to cure it of Inhumans that roam the Earth after the A-Day event. Got it?

Baker says when he personally got a go at trying out the game it was clear what would resonate with fans of the Marvel comics and franchise.

Marvel’s Avengers will make people “lost their minds”

“I’ll tell you exactly where I was like ‘people are going to lose their minds’,” he told RadioTimes.com. Baker was at a New York Comic Con press event where the media got a chance to demo the game.

“We got there first,” he said. “We had a buffet and a breakfast and people were meeting and getting on together and then they said ‘do you want to play?’ We leapt up and picked up the controller and sat at the station.

“So we finish the game…and I was like, I said something stupid like, it ‘Do you know what you guys did?’ This is the feeling I got as a kid when I got open got to open a comic book and reading those stories and somehow, with my mind, I would be able to immerse myself in those experiences. That’s as near as you can get.

“It’s a deeper level of that. Picking up a controller; I am Captain America, I am Iron Man, I am Black Widow.”

Marvel’s Avengers best character

But what’s the best character to play as? Baker without hesitating says: “The coolest thing is Kamala. I was like this is my main, this is who I want to play as, because it is such a satisfying character and it feels so novel and fresh.

“That was the moment where was like ‘I can’t wait for people to see this!’

“It’s nothing to do with my performance and it had everything to do with how good the game feels to play.”


Marvel’s Avengers is out 4th September on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.