The wait is over and it is time to get stuck into Triangle Strategy as the release date is upon us - it will be a busy weekend between this and Gran Turismo 7.


Triangle Strategy is a turn-based strategy game from Square Enix and Artdink, and it looks to one that will take some real skill and concentration to conquer — you'll want to learn the ropes fully before pushing too far into the story.

But how long will you be spending in the world of Triangle Strategy, and how much of an impact do the choices that you make have on the game?

How many hours does Triangle Strategy take to beat?

You should be able to finish Triangle Strategy in "around 30 hours", according to producer Tomoya Asano in a recent Q&A attended by DualShockers. Or at least, you could reach one of the game's endings in that amount of time if you know what you're doing.

Of course, the amount of time you play a game before completing it is always dependant on your individual skill level and play style, so there isn't a set answer that will apply for everyone.

Further muddying the waters here is the choice aspect of the game — based on the choices you make, you could end up not playing certain chapters and therefore cutting down the playing time quite a bit.

The branching narrative of Triangle Strategy leads to those aforementioned multiple endings, with chapter seven including a choice that will send you off in the direction of your choice.

With all of that in mind, it might be more realistic to set aside 40 to 50 hours for Triangle Strategy, considering that you might want to replay certain battles, delve into side stories and perhaps even seek out multiple endings by doubling back on yourself and revisiting old saves.

Also, Triangle Strategy has a New Game+ mode, so even when you have finished the game you will still have a reason to go back to play it through again - a great way to try out some different choices.

If you want to know what we thought of the game, then have a read of our Triangle Strategy review!

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