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Total War Saga: Troy access – free release date and launch date news

Total War Saga: Tory launches today at the Epic Games Store - and it's free to download.

Total War Saga: Troy

Total War Saga: Troy was first released a while ago but it’s only been announced more recently that it’s an exclusive free download on Epic Games Store.


The release is for a limited time, so time is of the essence!

Here’s what you need to do to get your Total War Saga: Troy download for free.

When is Total War Saga: Troy’s release date?

Creative Assembly announced that Total War Saga: Troy would be released on 13th August 2020 on Epic Games Store. Visit Epic Games Store.

You need to have the Epic Games Store launcher installed and have an account.

Epic Games confirmed that the game is available to download for free for the first 24 hours on the store. After 24 hours it will cost you the normal price.

Total War Saga: Troy access
Epic Games

What time is Total War Saga: Troy released?

We expect Total War Saga: Troy to be released at 2pm BST on 13th August or 6am PT if you are in the United States.

How to download Total War Saga: Troy

For the first 24 hours Total War Saga: Troy is free to download.

Log on to the Epic Games Store on your web browser and add it to your account.

You will need to head to the launcher if you want to play Troy.

You will also have the option to add free DLC to your game after launch. Just remember you have to have a Total War Access account and link it to your Epic Games account.

The Total War Amazons expansion is also set for launch in September, bringing with it new characters and units.

Total War: Troy DLC Expansion

Here’s what to expect in the DLC Expansion.

Two Heroes – two Amazons, warrior Queen Penthesilea and sister Hippolyta.

Establish your Kingdom – As Hippolyta, capture sacred regions to gather Amazon Treasures and rank up your units, improve diplomatic deals and complete Royal Decrees.

Lead your horde – As Penthesilea, roam the world and capture new settlements with a Horde army at your side, granting you unique War Spoils to boost your campaign.

Command a calvary – Fast and manoeuvrable, Amazons’ cavalry units unlock a plethora of tactical options. Treasure your warriors and they will grant you victory on the battlefield!

Don’t miss out – For a limited time, Amazons DLC will be free for players who link their Total War Access and Epic accounts.


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