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The 14 sneakiest Doctor Who video game Easter Eggs

There’s no way you spotted all these secret Whoniverse callbacks

Published: Monday, 22nd August 2016 at 5:00 pm

10. Droid rage

Some references are more on-the-nose than others, as was the case for Commodore 64 game Paradroid, which simply included Daleks among the various robots you had to destroy. And based on the game description, whoever was sending the ‘bots out must have been watching some old classic episodes…


11. Dalek-table robot cosplay

OK, this one’s a little bit complicated. In 1990s, there was a game called Beneath a Steel Sky, which saw a man raised by aborigines come to a cyberpunk city to expose the corruption within. In the course of his quest he’s accompanied by an artificial intelligence called Joey, who can be transferred to control various robot bodies as the need arises.

And what’s the Doctor Who connection, I hear you ask? Well, if you put Joey into the body of a welding robot with a working torch he goes full Dalek, rolling around and yelling EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!! Must be a fan.

12. Whodunnit?


Another slightly obscure game to invoke Doctor Who is 1991’s Hugo II, Whodunit?, though this one pretty much eschews subtlety to include a scene where you travel in a phone box (which turns into the Tardis) to a planet called Retupmoc (computer backwards, word fans) and meet both a shootable Dalek and a version of the Fourth Doctor (who hands over a “sonar screwdriver”). Skirting close to copyright violation was never so much fun.


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