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Street Fighter V Spring Update patch notes: Release date and what's new

New updates to the fighting hit!

street fighter v
Published: Wednesday, 7th April 2021 at 4:10 pm

There is a new Spring Update coming to Street Fighter V and with it comes new and returning characters, new costumes and a new character and season pass!


The hit fighting game was released back in 2016 but continues to deliver the goods with the updates and this one is no exception and is sure to keep those who are still playing glued to their console as well as bringing new eyes to it.

While we wait for the official patch notes that should be with us shortly, here's what we know so far about what's in store for gamers with the latest update - and we expect a few more details to come along over the coming weeks.

Street Fighter V Spring Update release date: What time does it go live?

Get the diary out - 19th April 2021 is the key day to watch out for here, as that's when Rose will be appearing in Street Fighter V as part of the Spring Update. That being said, it does look like Capcom is plotting a whole season of action here, so there should be lots of fun stuff to keep fans entertained in the game throughout the spring months.

What is new in Street Fighter V Spring Update?

As revealed in a big PlayStation Blog, the Street Fighter V Spring Update is here! Some changes have already taken place in the game, and there are more on the way. Below is everything you've got to look forward to in this new age of Street Fighter.

Oro returns to Street Fighter

First up, we have the return of Oro, who was last seen in Street Fighter III. Fans of the character will be pleased to know that his classic moveset is returning with him - and yes that includes his one-armed fighting style. This time though, he does have a turtle in the other arm as opposed to sealing it off. He has been seen in the latest game before but this is the first time he is a playable character.

It isn't just the classic moves he will be sporting either. He also comes with a brand new move, Tsuranekeashi, which is a fun kick move with an equally fun name. He also brings with him two V-Skill moves - Onibi and Minomushi.

Street Fighter Season 5 Character and Premium Pass

Sometimes a picture does the talking better than words, and the one below tells you all need to know about what is included here.

street fighter v season passes

Rose returns to Street Fighter

Rose is back and you will be able to see her as part of the line up from 19th April – not only that, but new moves will be coming with her.

Of particular note is Soul Fortune, one of her V-Skill moves, which allows her to buff her own stats or debuff those of an opponent via the use of her multitude of trademark tarot cards. A white card will increase Rose’s V-Gauge, red will increase her attack damage, green will decrease her opponent’s damage output while the purple death card will increase the amount of chip damage and grey life that Rose will inflict.

Rose will be able to teleport to one of three spots on the screen with the V-Trigger I, Soul Dimension move while V-Skill II, Soul Satellite makes a return after appearing in Street Fighter IV - as does Soul Illusion.

Akira Kazama joins the game

Akira is coming to the game - and the word is that we will see her older brother Daigo too! Information on the Rival Schools veteran is thin on the ground at the moment but as she is on her way soon, expect much more information to come.

And look, she even has her own trailer!

Vega, Seth, and Juri get new costumes

New Professional style costumes are on the way for all the above and they can all be purchased on 19th April via the store or you will get them as part of the season pass.

We are still waiting for the UK cost to be confirmed but we do know that in the US they will cost $3.99 each so, at a guess, we'd say they would cost around £3 over here.

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