If you’re finding things difficult and need some extra items, weapon upgrades and ammunition in the Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll be wanting to open up every locked safe and locker you come across.


Unfortunately, you’ll need to know the safe codes and locker codes to break into these locked goody boxes.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a safe cracker to unlock them all. We’ve done the hard work for you and know what all of the safe and locker codes are.

Keep on reading for the full list of all Resident Evil 2 remake safe codes and locker codes.

All Resident Evil 2 remake safe codes & locker codes

In total, there are eight codes you’ll need to know to unlock every safe and locker you come across. These codes should be universal across all runs of the game’s story and work on the individual safes and lockers whenever.

Here is the full list of Resident Evil 2 remake safe codes and locker codes:

  • Leon’s desk (Police Station)
    • Left lock | NED
    • Right lock | MRG
  • Locker in the Men’s Locker Room (Police Station) | CAP
  • Locker in the Control Room (Sewer) | SZF
  • Locker up the third floor stairs (Police Station) | DCM
  • Safe in the Treatment Pool (Sewer) | Left 2 > Right 12 > Left 8
  • Safe in the West Office (Police Station) | Left 9 > Right 15 > Left 7
  • Safe in the Waiting Room (Police Station) | Left 6 > Right 2 > Left 11

That’s all there is to know about all the safe codes and locker codes in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Now you know them all, it’s time to head out, find them and crack them all open for some sweet rewards.

It’s also worth noting that you can pick up portable safes in Playthrough A and B. There is no universal code that will work to unlock each portable safe, however. The code to open all of them is randomised but can be figured out simply enough.

There are eight buttons in total on these portable safes. Each time you press the correct one a green light will fill in on the top. The portable safes unlock once you have lit up a full circle of green lights.

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This has to be done in the correct order. You get one wrong in the sequence and you have to start again.

It’s best to assign a number to each button: One and two on the top row, three and four, five and six, and then seven and eight on the bottom row. You get it. This will help you remember which buttons you’ve pressed and in what order.

Keep going with it until you’ve correctly guessed the order of the buttons and filled in the green lights. Once open, you can use the spare parts to fix and use the Weapon Room locker keypad properly. This will let you open the rest of the locked lockers in the Weapon Room.

Check out Gamers Heroes’ YouTube video on the portable safes to see it all in action if you found the above confusing:

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