Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios are back with another co-op heist game in the popular Payday series and, better yet, the Payday 3 release date has been confirmed! You don’t have too long left to wait to play it.


It’s a direct sequel to Payday 2 and sees the heist gang heading out of retirement for one last job (don’t worry, there will be plenty of missions!). The time for virtual crime is nearly upon us once more.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Payday 3 release date, where to pre-order it, what consoles can play it, and its story and gameplay details. Skip to the end to check out a gameplay trailer.

When is the Payday 3 release date?

The Payday 3 release date is 21 September 2023, the developer has confirmed.

This is a worldwide release date across consoles and PC, meaning no one is getting left out. To ensure a truly shared experience, the game is the same across consoles and PC this time, too, thanks to the development team’s switch to Unreal Engine 4 this time around.

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It will be upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 in due time post-launch, though, so don’t worry about that.

Can I pre-order Payday 3?

Yes! You can pre-order Payday 3 on all available platforms right now, through the likes of GAME and CDKeys.

All pre-orders of the game come with The Trifecta Lootbag, which includes the Venomous Verdigris Mask and Obsidian Glitz outfit.

In terms of physical editions, you can head to GAME and pre-order the Day One Edition and Collector’s Edition of Payday 3. The Day One Edition costs £34.99.

The Collector’s Edition will set you back £119.99 and includes the following:

  • Base game
  • The Collector’s Mask
  • Custom deck of cards
  • Stickers
  • Membership letter to the Collector’s Club
  • Gold Season Pass
  • Pre-order bonus (Trifecta Lootbag)
  • Additional digital bonus content

You’ll need to head to your digital store on your console of choice to pick up a digital version of the game. Pre-order the digital Silver or Gold Edition to play the game three days early, and unlock the six-month Season Pass (Silver), and one-year Season Pass (Gold).

Which consoles and platforms can play Payday 3?

Payday 3 can be played on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store). Sorry last-gen and Switch gamers, it doesn’t look like the sequel will be hitting those platforms.

Unlike previous games in the series, at least, the console versions will be exactly the same as the PC edition on day one. This welcome development has come about due to the team’s swap to using the Unreal Engine.

Is Payday 3 crossplay?

Yes! Payday 3 is crossplay across all platforms (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC). This means you can play online co-op with your friends no matter which console any of you own.

Payday 3 is also cross-progression enabled, meaning you can pick up and play the game on any platform without losing any in-game progress.

Payday 3 gameplay and story details

Payday 3 release date gameplay

Payday 3 is a direct sequel to the second game and sees the heist gang step out of retirement to rob some banks in New York City. It can be played in co-op or single player.

The whole crew is back, meaning you can play as Chains, Dallas, Hoxton, and Wolf, along with two more heisters who will be revealed at a later date, according to the game’s FAQ.

A new city means there will be new banks and stores to rob. You’ll need to work together using learned skills and earned weapon proficiency to tackle the biggest jobs and get out of there alive. There will be plenty of resistance from the cops in each mission, after all.

It’s entirely up to you and your friends to execute the perfect heist plan - whether you charge in all guns blazing, hold onto hostages, or whatever else. However you play, there are sure to be some dramatic, tense, and exciting moments.

Is there a Payday 3 trailer?

Yes! There is a Payday 3 gameplay trailer which shows the game off in a brief 1-minute 42-second-long teaser. Check it out below to see the co-op heist sequel in action:

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