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New Doctor Who VR game lets you step inside the Tardis

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time has unveiled its painstaking recreation of the Thirteenth Doctor’s wheels

Published: Monday, 15th July 2019 at 4:30 pm

Ever wanted to step into Jodie Whittaker’s Tardis? Well, new Doctor Who VR game The Edge of Time can make that dream a reality (just a little while after another VR game had a bit of a go) – and a new trailer teases exactly what it’ll look like to be inside a photorealistic version of the iconic time machine.


Backed by atmospheric music, the new footage shows the towering crystal columns and metalwork of Whittaker’s Tardis in all their computer-generated glory, and the impressive effect came with some considerable effort.

Apparently, gamemakers Maze Theory visited the Doctor Who set in Cardiff to take hundreds of photographs of the real Tardis interior, using a technique called photogrammetry to create a “hyper-accurate digital reference” for the game.

Taking over 1200 hours to realise, the team claim to have included the precise functionality of the Tardis controls in the game, which means only one thing – yes, you too can activate the custard cream dispenser.

“The TARDIS is a very important and hugely iconic element of the show and Doctor Who: The Edge of Time offers the chance to experience it like never before,” Maze Theory Creative Director Marcus Moresby said in a release.

“It’s been a huge undertaking to deliver the very best TARDIS experience and is much anticipated by fans of the show. We know they’re going to love it.”

And if not, well – they can always pop back in time and try again, right?

An early version of the game will be playable at San Diego Comic-con in July


Published by PlayStack and developed by Maze Theory under license from BBC Studios, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time launches for all high-end VR platforms in September 2019.


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