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Lost in Random 2: Sequel or spin-off could happen as “there's so much more to explore”

In an exclusive interview, the creators of Lost in Random tell us they're very open to sequels.

Lost in Random could get a sequel or a spinoff.
Zoink/EA Originals
Published: Wednesday, 1st September 2021 at 5:24 pm

Developed by Zoink Games and published by EA Originals, Lost in Random is launching later this month, but could a sequel to this action-adventure game be on the cards already? Will there be a Lost in Random 2?


Prior to the game’s launch, got an early look at Lost in Random during a virtual preview event - we played the first three or four hours of the story, and it struck us that this is such a rich world that could support more than one game.

In this first story segment, we visited the first couple of major locations in Lost of Random, and both of them were stuffed with unique characters and lore. And that’s not to mention the Lost in Random combat system, where you work with a sentient dice to pause time and dish out card-based attacks. Again, this system feels so deep in terms of potential that it could spread across multiple titles.

After our gameplay session, we had the chance to chat over Zoom with Lost in Random’s creative directors, Olov Redmalm and Klaus Lyngeled. We know that Zoink doesn’t often make sequels, but would they consider coming back to the Lost in Random universe?

“Definitely,” Redmalm tells us. “I think it was quite early on, we realised just how much there is to explore here and how we're kind of slowly creating our own epic IP for the first time. And while [this game] is certainly a whole story from beginning to end, with its own message and everything, there is, of course, so much more to explore. And we have a big box of 'save it for the sequel,' if we're lucky to be able to make one.”

Lyngeled agrees, saying that it’s not just the story and the universe that could play well into sequels, “but also just the mechanics itself.” For example, Lost in Random has a number of board-game-inspired levels, but there are “so many different types of board games” that Lyngeled “would have liked to have seen that didn't get in there.”

On a roll, Lyngeled continues: “I could definitely see us doing more with the gameplay itself. And we're already talking about, 'Yeah, could we do a sequel?'” One idea that has come up in conversion is that “it would be cool if you could have two dice-wielders against each other, or you know, different types of dice.”

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Lyngeled adds: “I'm a big fan of, for example, Oddworld and those kinds of games. So I really don't mind making a sequel, and especially not when you have a possibility to actually build a universe like Star Wars or something like that. There's so many fun characters here we would like to continue with.”

Spin-offs, as opposed to direct sequels, also sound plausible. Redmalm says: “I like also that, in a world like this... since it is its own story in such a big world, I think you could also potentially create a title on its own in the same world, but it’s its own story and it wouldn't have to be tied to what happened in the first game. But it would be a bonus, of course.

“And, of course, there's a lot of stuff happening in the first game that I personally would like to explore in the second game. It's all very much on the drawing board with, like, depending on what the reception is, and what people like and don't like, it could tilt it. And you [the player] could transform the idea also.”

Is there a magic number, in terms of sales, that would encourage Zoink and EA to start working on a sequel? “Two games,” Lyngeled jokes. “I need to sell two games, then we'll do it. No, no, I don't know. I mean, I think, to be honest with you.... of course, it's super important, the sales numbers, but it's also really important, I think in these days, it's more [about] finding your group of people who really likes it, and then there's a fan base, and it doesn't have to be a gigantic number of sales, it just needs to be that they really like it, you know?”

Lyngeled also points out: “You know, a lot of people also are very tired of working on the game right now.” Lost in Random has been years in the making, and so we could definitely forgive the Zoink team if they decided to work on something different as their next project instead. If it does happen, though, we’ll be sure to update you if Lost in Random 2 gets properly announced.

Lost in Random launches 10th September on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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