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How to catch Shiny Spoink in Pokemon Go

Another shiny for the collection!

shiny spoink pokemon go
Published: Wednesday, 9th June 2021 at 5:39 pm

The popularity of Pokemon Go has been consistent for a long time now and while it has never reached the crazy heights that it did soon after it first launched, a large number of people still spend time with it every single day.


This is largely due to how much there is to do in the game now. Gone are the days when you would just capture Pokemon, now you can do all sorts from gym battles to raids and even playing with Pokemon buddy!

One of the most elusive things in the game is the shiny Pokemon, which are extremely rare, which makes them not easy to find. Spoink is one of the more recent additions to the shiny roster and here is all you need to know about catching one!

How to catch Shiny Spoink in Pokemon Go

We wish there were an easy way to guarantee that you will be able to get a shiny Spoink - as we do for every other shiny Pokemon variation in the game - but alas, there is no shortcut here, and the only way to get one is to tap a Spoink whenever you see one and hope that one of them is shiny.

But unless you are super fortunate, this will likely take a long time and you will have clicked on many a Spoink before you get a shiny version. The odds of seeing a shiny one appear are about one in 450 - which should give you an idea of how long it will take.

There are ways that may speed this up slightly. For example, using incense to attract Pokemon or sticking Lure modules on Pokestops, but you could just as easily attract a Pidgey this way, so it may not help you out at all.

You also have a small chance of getting a shiny Pokemon from raids, so if you see a Spoink to battle, take it on and hope for the best. They are not super powerful, so taking one out single-handedly is not too difficult a challenge.

Do keep an eye out for a Spoink special community day as this will seriously increase your shiny chances. Spawn rates are massively increased here and the odds of finding a shiny are drastically reduced. The only problem here is that there is only one community day per month and there is a huge amount of Pokemon that could be chosen over Spoink.

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Shiny Pokemon were added into Pokemon Go fairly early on and it all began with Magikarp and its evolution, Gyarados - which went from blue to a cool looking red with its shiny version.

Since then the list has grown substantially and we have looked into what is available and made a list of all the shiny Pokemon you can now get in Pokemon Go.

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