Football Manager 2024, while sadly being the last release of its kind, is nonetheless an excellent swan song for this engine before the series's overhaul next year.


If you're anything like us, since its release you've been hunting for the best bargains and experimenting with formations to bring glory to your team.

This takes a lot of time, though, so you'll want the interface to be both pleasing to the eye and easy to work with. And if you find the default skins to be a bit dull, you're not alone.

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But fear not. The Football Manager community has provided an abundance of fan made skins that'll spruce up your time in the managing seat.

We'll take a look at what's on offer from the land of mod below - but first, let's see how to go about installing them in FM 24.

How to change FM 24 skin

FM24 standard skin showing Jack Grealish's player profile in-game
FM24. Sega

Every FM24 skin is different, usually building off the standard design. Small changes can go a long way, as any Football Manager player will tell you. Even little things like changing the colour palette can do wonders.

To change the FM24 Skin, it's best to head to websites like FM Scout or FMInside to find lots of options to choose from.

Then, once your preferred interface has been downloaded, look to extract the file using WinRAR before pasting the skin into the 'Sports Interactive – Football Manager – Skins' folder.

Boot up Football Manager and activate the skin by first going to 'Preferences' then 'Advanced' and finally 'Interface'. Select your skin, reload the game and away you go.

The best FM 24 skins

Now that's clearer, we'll be listing some early Football Manager 2024 custom skins that we're particularly fond of. Of course, there's always the option to revert to the original layout if none of these take your fancy.

Stato skin (beta)

Stato skin for FM24 with a purple background
Stato skin for FM24. Ian Mills

One of the most popular skins in recent years returns with the Stato skin by Ian Mills.

Building off its previously polished layout with background images featured on numerous pages, the latest iteration is currently in beta - but is destined to be a hit once more.

You can download the Stato skin now.

SAS24 skin

Another hugely popular interface change-up comes courtesy of the SAS24 Skin by Sasmaz SJ.

With lots of new features – like expanded player profile pages – to improve general quality of life, already fans are applauding how easy this skin makes FM24's navigation.

You can download the SAS24 skin now.

Dark Polish skin

Dark Polish Skin FM24 with a black background
Dark Polish skin FM24. Ceyvol

Created by Ceyvol, this dark mode alternative to FM 24's layout offers more consistent shades of grey, a dark tactics screen, dynamic colouring of several interface elements and many more tweaks.

All of this is with the aim of creating the best dark mode experience.

You can download the Dark Polish skin now.

Priisek Retro skin

Priisek retro in FM24 with a black and red background
Priisek Retro in FM24. Priisek

A mix of colour and classic from Priisek sees this skin get its first update since FM22. It's simple but effective, and there's nothing wrong with that.

You can download the Priisek Retro skin now.

Rensie Custom skin

FM 24 Custom skin on Ollie Watkins's player profile
FM 24 Rensie Custom skin.

The Rensie Custom skin contains edits to pretty much all aspects of the interface; the profile, staff overview, match screens and even player faces.

You can download it now.

Hopefully, that gives you a good idea of some of the best FM 24 skins currently available. We'll be updating this piece regularly, so make sure to head back for the latest interfaces.

Football Manager 2024 is available across PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. FM24 is also available for Netflix members via mobile.

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