Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock trailer starring Matt Smith and Alex Kingston

Watch a preview of the upcoming computer game featuring a new story for the Doctor and River Song

A brand-new Doctor Who adventure starring the Doctor and River Song could be coming to a screen near you soon – if you own a PlayStation3 or PC, that is.


The Eternity Clock, featuring the voices of Matt Smith and Alex Kingston, challenges players to master the complexities of time travel, with decisions in one time period affecting what happens in another.

There are puzzles to solve, too, as well as lots of running around, jumping, sonic screwdriver action and generally saying “sweetie” and shouting “Geronimo!”. We even spotted Daleks, Cybermen and The Silence…


Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock launches globally on PS3 and PS Vita in March, with a PC version due shortly afterwards and two more titles to follow.