Fans of classic horror films have another new playable Killer character to look forward to in Dead by Daylight: Everyone’s favourite (or least favourite) killer doll, Chucky, is being added to the game.


When is the Dead by Daylight Chucky release date? More on that below.

By now, the multiplayer horror game has added in eccentric characters from a load of different franchises. We’ve got Michael Myers and Ghostface, and soon (finally) Chucky – and Bride of Chucky, Tiffany – from the Child’s Play franchise.

Chucky, of course, is far shorter than most Killers in DBD. This means he plays differently from the others, and comes with his own set of murderous skills.

He’s also voiced by his original voice actor, Brad Dourif, with new lines for the foul-mouthed doll.

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Discover when the Dead by Daylight Chucky release date is down below. You’ll also find details on everything there is to know about the horror game’s latest crossover. Skip to the end of the page to watch a trailer!

When is the Dead by Daylight Chucky release date?

The Dead by Daylight Chucky release date is Tuesday 28th November 2023, the development team has confirmed. This is when the Chapter 30 update is set to launch, which adds Chucky to the game.

Based on previous Chapter update release times, we’re expecting Chucky to be available to use from around 4pm on 28th November.

Boot up the game after installing the Chapter 30 update and Chucky should be there, waiting for you to play with him.

What do we know about Chucky’s arrival in Dead by Daylight?

Dead By Daylight Chucky bride holding a nice
Dead by Daylight.

To unlock Chucky in Dead by Daylight, you will need to purchase his Chapter DLC for 500 Auric Cells.

You can buy Auric Cells from the in-game store or on the digital storefront of your chosen platform. 500 Auric Cells in the UK should cost you around £3.99, so if you’re after the playable Chucky Killer in DBD, it doesn’t cost too much.

Purchase the Chucky Chapter DLC and you’ll instantly unlock a playable Chucky Killer and alternate Good Gal Outfit. This outfit lets you play as Tiffany Valentine – the Bride of Chucky – who is voiced by Jennifer Tilly.

In terms of what makes Chucky (and Tiffany) different, the DBD developers have ensured that playing as them will feel like an authentic experience.

Chucky is the first Killer, for example, to use a third-person camera. This should help ensure that playing as the murderous doll feels different from playing as any of the others.

As he is so short, Chucky is a stealth Killer… of sorts. As the official DBD blog post puts it, Chucky is "capable of hiding behind even the shortest obstacles in the map".

"With a deadly lunging attack, Chucky can quickly close the gap on Survivors, letting out a maniacal laugh before taking them down with his twisted glee," it continues.

"His larger-than-life rage and pint-sized stature let him vault through windows and under pallets, allowing him to close in on his unsuspecting prey unlike any other Killer before, via his Scamper ability.

"From the iconic rat poisoning scene from Curse of Chucky, the deathly yardstick from Child’s Play 2 or even the electrifying TV from Bride of Chucky, there are a variety of Add-Ons inspired by iconic kills that really bring the franchise to life."

Check out some gameplay of Chucky in Dead by Daylight in action thanks to the Spotlight trailer below:

What are Chucky’s Perks in Dead by Daylight?

Chucky has three unique character Perks. These are as follows:

  • Hex: Two Can Play | Blind any Survivor that stuns or blinds you
  • Friends 'Til The End | When you hook a Survivor that is not the Obsession, the Obsession will become exposed and briefly reveal their aura. When you hook the Obsession, a random Survivor will scream and become the Obsession
  • Batteries Included | Whenever a Generator is complete, entering its vicinity will grant you a movement speed boost for as long as you remain in range

Is there a trailer for Chucky in Dead by Daylight?

Yes, there is a trailer for Chucky in Dead by Daylight! Check out the Chucky reveal trailer below:

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