From Iron Man to She-Hulk to Wolverine, there have been many Marvel skins available to grab on Fortnite and the latest is Black Widow- she who would have had her own movie released this year were it for the pandemic.


To get the skin, you'll need to take part in the Black Widow cup- so here is all you need to know about getting involved in that and obtaining your brand new look. Also, Fortnite is confirmed to be coming to both the Xbox Series X and the PS5- so the game shows no sign of slowing down.

Continuing the Marvel knockout Super Series that has already allowed players to get Daredevil and Ghost Rider, Black Widow gets the treatment now. And the fun begins today, November 11th, so you can take part straight away- and here is how to do it.

How to get the Black Widow skin in Fornite

fortnite snow suit black widow

So a small caveat to get out of the way, when you are in the cup, you will need to rank between 1-1200 in order to qualify for the snowsuit skin- which looks great and is worth trying for- and will be used in that upcoming movie- whenever we get to see it. There will also be a new back bling to go alongside it.

You will also need to have reached level 30 and have two-step authentication set up to take part.

To compete then, you will need to find a friend to fight alongside you and within three hours you will need to have 10 matches completed. Your overall score will be based on the number of eliminations and how high your placement is. Get into a high enough score bracket and the skin will be yours!

As for the start times, here they are by each region:

OCE 2:00:00 AM ET
ASIA 4:00:00 AM ET
ME 9:00:00 AM ET
EU 12:00:00 PM ET
BR 4:00:00 PM ET
NAE 6:00:00 PM ET

As we say, rank between 1-1200 here in the UK (and the rest of Europe) to be successful. Fear not though because if you do not make it, there is every chance the skin will be available to buy in the Fortnite store at some point in the future- that's almost a certainty.

November 18th will be the next round of the cup, although we do not yet know which character will be up for grabs then. Following that is the $1 million Super Series Cup on November 21st. As usual, a lot is happening in the world of Fortnite!

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