We're well into the festive season and the countdown is on for Christmas, which means it's time to don your Christmas jumper.


Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children is on Friday, 13th December, so we've rounded up some of our favourites from the more traditional to pop culture laden ones. Expect tacky treats as well as the more tasteful designs.

From Star Wars to Disney to the irreverent cult hits we've got a jumper for everyone.

For more information about Christmas Jumper Day and to sign up visit christmasjumperday.org.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas jumper
Nightmare Before Christmas jumper shopDisney

shopDisney has a few offerings this year, whether you're a hardcore Disney fan or not. There's this Nightmare Before Christmas jumper complete with a huge wreath so you can give all your friends a good fright.

Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux etsy

Looking for something different? Fan of Louis Theroux? Well, there's this Christmas jumper with the good man's face – and an amazing pun – brandished across it.

Doctor Who

Tardis and Dalek Christmas jumper
Tardis and Dalek Christmas jumper Amazon

Ok, it's busy, but it's go hard or go home when it comes to a TARDIS and Dalek Christmas jumper.


Phil Christmas jumper
Phil Christmas jumper Amazon

...because what is Christmas without EastEnders? Just get this Philthy Christmas jumper.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Christmas Jumper
Rick and Morty Christmas Jumper Amazon

If subtle Christmas jumpers aren't your thing then this Rick and Morty festive jumper is an out there option. Vomiting rainbows, chaotic space scenes and a nice loud print.

Star Wars

Star Wars Christmas Jumper
Star Wars Christmas Jumper Amazon

Star Wars Christmas jumpers are 10-a-penny, but a few stand out for us. There's this X-Wing v Tie Fighter Star Wars jumper that, while it claims to be ugly, is rather festive we feel.

Marvel's Avengers

Avengers Christmas Jumper
Avengers Christmas Jumper Amazon

Avengers Assemble...in these Marvel themed jumpers. There's a Captain America one too. The Avengers jumper has Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield and Hulk's fist...

Captain America Christmas jumper

You can get the Captain America Christmas jumper too for £36.99.


We could show you all the other Marvel jumpers, but who needs anything else when there's a baby Groot Christmas jumper about? No one. That's the answer.

Groot Christmas jumper
Groot Christmas jumper Amazon


Batman Christmas jumper
Batman Christmas jumper Amazon

Der ner ner ner ner ner ner....Batman (Christmas jumper)! We'd say this one is almost tasteful for a Christmas jumper. Themed colours, huge bat signal... there's even mini penguins.

Game of Thrones

GoT Christmas jumper
GoT Christmas jumper Amazon

Christmas isn't just about superheroes – oh no, there's also a range of Game of Thrones jumpers to choose from. There's one or two obvious puns here that we don't even need to make as the Game of Thrones Christmas jumpers do it for us...

Christmas is Coming jumper
Christmas is Coming jumper Amazon

You can get the Christmas is Coming jumper for £19.99 or Winter is Coming for £39.99.

Winter is Coming


Frozen 2 Christmas Jumper
Frozen 2 Christmas Jumper EMP

Frozen 2 may be riding high at the box office but some songs - and phrases - we just can't let go of. This Frozen Christmas jumper is perfect for those fans still feeling Elsa circa 2013 vibes.


Elf Xmas jumper
Elf Xmas jumper Amazon

Sat watching Will Ferrell for the zillionth time? This Elf Christmas jumper is the perfect ensemble for such an occasion.


Minnie Mouse Christmas Jumper
Minnie Mouse Christmas Jumper shopDisney

shopDisney also has a whole range of traditional jumpers, like this Minnie Mouse with Santa hat jumper or this baby Winnie the Pooh with a Snowman jumper.


Hedwig Christmas Jumper

We could show you the standard Harry Potter jumpers, but you don't want those. There's this Hedwig Christmas jumper that's less tacky and more tasteful if you're still mourning the bird's demise.

Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Christmas jumper
Hogwarts Christmas jumper Amazon

Slightly more in your face, there's this Hogwarts Express Christmas jumper too.

Lord of The Rings

Lord of The Rings Jumper
Lord of The Rings Jumper EMP

Ugly, check. Key phrase, check. Christmassy, erm...sort of, check. Get the Walk to Mordor Christmas jumper for your Lord of the Rings fan friend.


minions Christmas Jumper
Minions Christmas Jumper EMP

This Minions Christmas jumper gives off the whole I don't even know why I'm wearing this message pretty clear. And kids will love it.