Best Christmas gift ideas for Mum

Show your Mum you love her with everything from Poldark to Polaroid

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It’s Christmas, and it’s your Mum, so for once in your miserable life show some gratitude and buy her something she might actually like. She’s a human woman with her own interests, from photography to Aidan Turner. Take a bit of time, go over our list, and have a think before you give her yet another box of Ferrero Rocher.


Poldark: Complete Series 1-3 (£30)


Because Aidan Turner.

Broadchurch: Complete Series 1-3 (£25)

Because Mums love depressing dramas where kids go missing.

Polaroid Onestep 2 (£110)

Your Mum still loves physical photo albums and, once Facebook starts digitally animating old photos of your friends to advertise Diet Coke, you will too.

Google Home Mini (£49)

Google’s version of housebound AI is by far the most stylish and easiest to talk to.

Harrods Wine Hamper (£100)

Because wine in a basket.

Dubonnet (£30)

The Queen’s favourite tipple: mix one part gin to two parts of this sweet and bitter fortified wine, serve over ice with a twist. The perfect accompaniment to a binge watch of The Crown.

Apple TV 4K (£179)

Speaking of, there are lots of ways to watch The Crown, but Apple is officially the most Mum-Usable Tech Company.

Un Air de Diptyque Electric Diffuser (£240)

Scented candles are all very well, but they burn out eventually. This handsome diffuser from Diptyque can has a range of replacement scents to try, and won’t set fire to the house.

High Tea at Downton Abbey (£120/person)

A tour and tea at the most famous fictional estate since Brideshead.

Sony MDR-1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (£260)


Incredibly comfortable and pretty stylish too.