Apple was at it again with the second unveiling announcement of the year, thanks to delays to the iPhone 12's release following the global pandemic.


There was lots to be excited about during this event, particularly with the new iPhone 12 release which has been so highly anticipated.

First to be announced at the event, however, was the HomePod Mini. Below, we explain what the device is, how much it is and when pre-orders begin.

How to preorder the Apple HomePod Mini

The HomePod Mini will cost £99. It can be pre-ordered from 6th November and will be available from 16th November 2020.

What is the Apple HomePod Mini?

The Apple HomePod Mini is a small home speaker which is essentially Apple’s version of the Amazon Echo. The round speaker provides 360 degree sound and features backlit illumination which glows multiple colours. On the top of the device there are touch buttons to control it and it comes in either space grey or white, with a mesh-like, globe exterior.

You can stream music from a variety of different providers, with Amazon Music joining in the coming months. Multiple speakers can connect with each other to play in sync and they can communicate with other devices, like your thermostat, lighting and more. You can even organise preset ‘scenes’, for instance to trigger the blinds to lift when you say, “good morning.”

Enabled with Siri, the device can give you updates on schedules and more and update you with relevant information for different family members, by recognising individual voices. You can also say a few words of song lyrics and Siri will find and play the tune you were looking for.

The speaker also allows you to broadcast voice messages through paired speakers using the Intercom feature, so that your voice plays out around the house. This can even be connected to wireless headphones and other Apple devices so your message is never missed.

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From the promotional videos during the event, the HomePod Mini seems to be very much targeted towards families and those managing a busy household.


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