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How to pre-order iPad Air 4: price, specs and more from Apple Event

Watch Netflix, browse the web, and more on the very latest in Apple's iconic iPad line

Apple iPad Air

Apple was the first to popularise the tablet with the original iPad all the way back in 2010 – and they’ve come a long way in the last decade.


Apple now has a whole family of home tablets, from the entry-level iPad to the work-oriented iPad Pro, but it’s the mid-range iPad Air that has proven the most popular.

It’s fitting, then, that the iPad Air and standard iPad had a 10th-anniversary upgrade at the ‘Time Flies’ Apple Event – here’s what to expect from the fourth iteration of Apple’s super-thin tablets.

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How to preorder the iPad Air 4

The iPad Air 4 is can now be preordered from October from Apple.

When is iPad Air 4’s release date?

The iPad Air 4 was unveiled at the ‘Time Flies’ Apple Event on 15th September 2020 at 6pm UK time along with the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE.  The Apple AirTags and new AirPods were not the focus of the event in September.

iPad Air 4 price: What will iPad Air 4 cost?

The iPad Air 4 price announced at the Apple Event was from $599.

iPad Air 4 specs: What are the iPad Air 4 features?

The new iPad Air features a whole host of new features, according to the Apple Event launch where it was unveiled.

These include:

  • Liquid retina display 
  • Larger 10.9 inch display
  • 3.8 million pixels for better image resolution 
  • True tone and anti-reflection coating for screen
  • Touch ID
  • Sapphire crystal lens for fingerprint recognition and improved security
  • New speakers with better sound for movies and TV
  • Better camera with the ability to stablise images
  • Works with the Apple Pencil and keyboards.
  • USB C port
  • WIFI 6 and 60% faster LTE – faster and smoother web data

The biggest draw of the new iPad Air was leap in performance thanks to the much anticipated A14 bionic chip which promises maximum performance with minimum energy usage. Using cutting edge transistors of just 5 nano-metres in size, there are an impressive 11.8 billion transistors in one device which is what delivers such impressive performance.

The highlights include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • 40% increase in CPU performance
  • 30% increase in graphic performance
  • Compared to best selling laptop – two times faster graphic performance in thinner and lighter design
  • Performance makes it ideal for editing 4K videos, art, immersive games
  • 11 trillion operations by second – two times performance enhancement since last model
Apple iPad 8
The Apple iPad 8 was also announced at the Apple Event 2020.

The long-standing Home button was rumoured to be getting the chop, but Touch ID did return as expected from the release, which also showcased the iPad 8 and the new Apple Watch Series 6.

iPad Air 4 colours: what colours will be available on the iPad Air 4?

There’s never been a huge amount of choice with iPad colours, with the iPad Air 3 only available in silver, space grey, and gold. However, the new iPad Air will be available in five colours which will include rose gold, green and sky blue, similar to those the iPhone 12 is rumoured to have.

iPad Air 4 software: what Pad OS will the iPad Air 4 support?

The iPad Air 4 will come pre-loaded with IOS 14, which adds a widget redesign, privacy enhancements and app clips so you can experience apps without downloading the entire file size.

The new operating software also offers an updated Maps app, new Apple Pencil support that can convert written text to typed text, and a compact call interface that no longer takes up the entire screen.

iPad Air 4 summary

  • Bigger and better screen – smaller bezels allow a smaller screen size with an improved display.
  • Faster performance – a new processor delivers performance with the A14 bionic chip.
  • Better sound and vision – new, improved speakers and stabalised camera.

Should I buy the iPad Air 3 or wait for the iPad Air 4?

If you would like to buy an iPad Air 3 you can:

However, with the iPad Air 4 release date so close you may wish to wait instead, as the new model will have features such as a bigger screen and faster performance. Alternatively, the iPad Air 3 will see a price drop once its successor is released.

Black Friday is always a great time to buy smart tech, with Apple products, in particular, seeing great deals.


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